Saturday, June 11, 2011

About this Blog

So I've spent the day today setting up and starting to populate this blog again after a 2+ year hiatus from it. Unfortunately, I realize, I've combined my Middle Eastern / Political soapboxing with the Writing related stuff so I'm going to simply delete those posts that aren't writing, publishing or otherwise related to my life as an Author.

If you notice something's gone that you're sure was there this morning, you're not crazy. It's gone. This is why. Visit my Webbiegrrl Writer Facebook fan Page for more political posts every Friday and Saturday ^_^

This blog will have new entries between two and five days a week. At the very least, there'll be something snippeted or given away on Freebie Fridays (coupon codes for a free copy of Dicky's Story, for instance), and probably, I'll post something or other on Saturdays, as I have that day off from my day job. I work only part-time, so on non-work days, I'll be here and posting. That's probably a Monday or Tuesday. It's also possible I could post something on Thursdays, but it completely depends on when I get done with my day job. I'll try to make the content "value-added" enough that the Kindle readers who are actually paying Amazon a monthly fee to have it Whispernetted to their Kindle readers will feel it's worth the money they're paying for it.

You can always get this blog free of charge by visiting this site in a web browser, but if you prefer to get blog feeds through your Facebook Wall, just subscribe to the blog using the widget on the right side of this page and the Networked Blogs app will feed you my words as I post them.

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