Friday, June 24, 2011

Freebie Friday Submissions - Get Your Book Featured Here!

Just creating a post to make a space for anyone with a book, novel, short story, poetry collection or any other work of fiction they'd like to have featured here on Freebie Fridays to submit their stuff to me.

The only requirements for your submission are that it be available for free on the Friday for which you are submitting it (whether by coupon code, as at Smashwords, or free all the time somewhere else) and that it is a completed work.

If you provide me with a book page that has the book's cover image, word count and description, I'll use those to "sell" your book in the Freebie Friday post. If you don't, obviously, my pitch of your book won't be very "selling" will it?

Freebie Friday submissions should be entered here in the comment thread. Just make a new comment on this post for each, individual book and tell me:
  1. Your book's title, genre and your pen name
  2. The URL of the book's page on the web (presumably a Smashwords URL but if you have it uploaded elsewhere that readers can get it for free, that's good, too. Only provide one URL for each book.)
  3. The coupon code (if from Smashwords, these are immediately activated but you set the expiration date. To be sure it's active until midnight Friday night, create it no later than the preceding Thursday.)
  4. The Friday on which it will be made available for free (a date, forex, Friday, June 17, 2011 will be the first Freebie Friday here)
Again, completed works only, please (no works in process) and only submit works for which you are the copyright holder. Do not provide more than one URL per comment or your comments will be treated as SPAM.



Paul said...


Just a note to let you know that I am digging this idea! I have set up my first novel to be available on the iBooks store (Apple products only as Amazon does not have a handy price adjusting system that works with any haste), this Friday, July 1st, 2011.

The book title is "The First Key of Kalijor" and it is a science fiction and high fantasy novel written by myself, Paul Lell

No coupon code necessary. Simply find it in the lists (search for Paul Lell, or Kalijor), and download your copy!

Again, Friday, July 1st, 2011!

WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hi Paul,

I would love to feature your book here, and I don't mind at all that it's in the Apple iBookstore (though I hate the Apple iBooks app, at least on my iPad, it is teh suck) but I did ask for all that annoying data on my post's numbered list for a good reason: it helps me to market your book if I actually have (a) cover image, (b) link to the page where any user can see it to decide if they're interested and (c) copy/paste a description to "pitch" the book, just like the back cover copy in a bookstore "sells" the customer standing there browsing.

You did not provide any of that, nor a URL for the book where I can get it myself (which is what I've done for the Smashwords books posted previously) so I cannot include your book until you do.

Please feel free to post another comment here with the URL and/or info. I'd hate for you to miss out on the holiday weekend but if you get me the link by tonight, I'll add your book onto the post I've been assembling and you'll be good to go for tomorrow.

Even if you miss this weekened, there's another Friday next weekend...and the week after that and after that and.... ^_^ Thanks for stopping by.

How'd you hear about this event anyway? I ask b/c I don't recognize your name or your book so I'm thinking you're a "friend of a friend" kind of thing.

WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Oh, Paul, one more note -- for you anyone else who doesn't already know -- you can use Smashwords even if your book is published elsewhere and you can selectively choose to which places you allow Smashwords to distribute your book. It is for eBooks only but Smashwords does a LOT of eBook distribution and has a very nice set of tools for us authors.

Plus all of the collective marketing from being part of the SW family. Forex, did you know the SW Premium Catalog is integrated into the Stanza app? Which is a way better app than Apple's iBooks but I still use the free Kindler Reader for iPad app ^_^

Paul said...

Heyas. Sorry about that, I saw your request for title, author, couplon code, but not the rest. Totally my bad.

Thank you for the second chance. :)

Here's a link to the book on Amazon, where the print, and Kindle versions are available:

And a direct link to the cover art:

Blurb text: The First Key of Kalijor follows the adventures of Riana and her sister Katrina as they seek out their mother who has gone mysteriously missing. The twins learn a great deal as they chase across the mythical world of Kalijor, but nothing can prepare them for the reality of their world when it all, finally comes crashing down around them.

An epic mix of high fantasy, science fiction, and virtual reality, told in an illustrative style that begs for the story to appear on film, in comics, as video games, and role playing games! Check it out, or you may just regret it the rest of your life!

I read your promotional post on the Authonomy forums and linked over here via that, which is where I got the list of asks for what you wanted to see here in terms of data.

I think that's the list now. All of my books are avaliable on iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and in print at most major booksellers, and can be easily found by searching my name, or the 'Kalijor'

Thanks again for responding in time to get this all to you before the feature. :)

Paul said...

In response to your other comment, I don't want to speak too harshly against Smashwords, as they helped be get going, but I found that their translation processes have little to no regard for formatting of text, and they take a second bite out of my royalties, after whatever platform they are delivering to.

They have some convenience features that I cannot get with some of my direct relationships, such as the coupons that would make something like a Free Friday promotion much easier to manage, but after seeing how they handled teh conversion of my books' text across all the platforms, I had to move away from them as quickly as possible.

Still, I have yet to find an easier, more cost-effective way to get a book out on numorous platforms, and I sitll recommend them to many folks I talk to about self/electronic publishing.

WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for checking back--I never know if someone's clicked to "follow the comment thread" or not!--and I definitely can include you in tomorrow's feature now that I have all the linkiness.

Glad to hear that my Authonomy posts got some notice. I don't frequent Authonomy nearly as much as I used to and I know I miss much of the high-traffic chit-chat. Just goes to show, it's always worth trying just One. More. Time. :)

I'm thinking I might like to re-mention freebies on Saturday too! I hope you get some new readers this weekend and you never know, some of them might enjoy the book enough to buy it after they read it! That's the idea, anyway.

I know what you mean about the taking a cut business with SW but I figure it's more of a hassle factor fee and I really like the ease of use. My Word file was formatted simply enough that every distribution I was able to check looked good (and the same) so I think it has something to do with the source file also. I do know I whined and squeaked like an annoying wheel this spring when the Meatgrinder script was buggy buggy buggy and turns out, some of my whining helped them upgrade the script substantially. You might like to try--as an experiment and just FYI--another file to see what happens. Since it's free... **grin** what's the harm?

Good luck this weekend!!

Paul said...

Yeah, I'm kind of OCD about keeping on top of threads/posts I am involved in.

Thanks again for the idea, and teh assistance getting it out there. Even if people get it for free, like it, and don't buy a paid copy, there are still two more books available in the series, and two more coming, so there will be plenty of other ways they can show their support. :)

It's good to hear the meatgrinder got some love. I'm pretty sure that's where all my formatting got hoarked up. It's been a wile, but I think I uploaded a PDF, which is generally pretty hard to mess up. It may have been a Word doc though, I don't really remember.

Anyway, it was things like white space, and active content, like the table of contents in the ePub files that were messed up. Things that only some pretty advanced heuristic processing could make work via an automated process, and even then it tends to be hit and miss.

At this point I am pushing directly to Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel. Aside from some individual quirks, I am pretty happy with the processes, and the level of control over the content and formatting is very good for my OCD brain. Although, it means I really have to watch my stuff more closely, too.

The only reason I am considering republishing them with SmashWords, is to get onto the Kobo platform. Borders is pretty strange. They don't want to deal with any small/self publishers, and even their physical book catalogue seems to be coming from some strange location as none of my titles are listed on their site, even though they are all listed with Bowker and can be ordered in even the smallest mom and pop shops.

Very odd.

Anyway, I'll cross-link to your blog when teh feature goes up, and periodically after that, just to keep what traffic I have aware of your goings on. I appreciate your efforts and hope you have an amazing weekend!

Paul said...

Also, I just pushed a price drop (from $2.99 to $0.99) on the Kindle version of the First Key. It shoudl go live by tomorrow, and was the lowest I could charge. They don't have a model for free on a book that was already paid, withoug republishing the entire thing.

Ms Kitty said...

I've got 2 freebies.

'Impressive Bravado'

Deputy Sheriff Shallamon calls Katie McCarty DMV for her opinion of horse mutilations. Someone is targeting local stallions for unauthorized neutering. Anyone with the bravado to sneak into a barn and perform these operations has to be crazy. Is it barn rivalry or something even more sinister? (Short Story - 7k words)

WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hey, Kat, I already have your Bravado entry from last week, and the request to run it again this weekend so you are included in the post. Am waiting on a new code from JennyB for her ChickLit novel from last week but c'est la vie if she doesn't generate a new one.

Paul, SW does a lot more now. You might want to reinvestigate. As for Meatgrinder quirks, the NCX issue screwing up TOCs in the EPUB files was DEFINITELY a problem and I was definitely a squeaky wheel on that one! Mark and I had just so happened to have already corresponded on something else when Meatgrinder inserted gremlins into my EPUB's TOC. It pissed me the *bleep* off, sure enough. As soon as I removed the TOC, voila, all was good -- but that's not a solution, that's a workaround. Anyway, Meatgrinder did go through several revisions due to this kind of crap.

Mark has also expanded distribution channels and done a bit of renegotiation with existing ones. Kindle I do myself as he sells MOBI files but Amazon is still giving SW a hard time about direct distribution. I'd rather do it myself and as you say, control it, but honestly, I don't push customers to Amazon. Since I live in No. Carolina, Amazon won't let me generate either direct product links or widgets so the hell with them, too. I've had staunch Kindle device (hardware) customers who use Smashword with practically no effort whatsoever. They simply mail the MOBI file to their kindle. Done. And no implied "waived fee" the way Amazon phrases their "delivery via WhisperNet at no additional charge" Right, so they're going to start charging to deliver email next? Argh!

If you're happy with your distribution channels, great, I'm not trying to force you to use SW but I do enjoy the convenience. I definitely did not use a PDF or HTML as what Mark suggests you do is use MS Word, use it correctly and use it wisely. Since I've used MS Word since it first released in V1 and was an executive secretary and then a middle-level manager with my own secretary (who couldn't proofread) I'm pretty darn comfy cozy in Word. I kept searching for the "secret instructions" in his 80pg Style Guide. It's seriously just instructions on how to use MS Word and NOT treat it like a manual typewriter *sigh* I had zero issues with my upload once Meatgrinder stopped having bugs.

Jennifer Bogart said...

Sorry for getting the code to you so late.


It's all the same information as last week. If you need it again, just let me know.


WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Thanks, Jenny! Are you a mindreader or did you see my post on Autho about 2 seconds ago? *haha*

Jennifer Bogart said...

I'm almost embarrassed to say it was an Autho thing. Just in the right place at the right time I guess.

WebbieGrrl Writer said...


So sorry I didn't click through last night (you copy/pasted text instead of making a link so it was PITA and I left it for this morning) but your book on Amazon is not free (it's $23 and change) and your book on B&N is also not free ($2.99) and I don't have a link for Apple's bookstore so I cannot even look it up there.

I'm sorry you weren't able to get me the information I asked for but I need a link to where readers can get the book free--with or WITHOUT a coupon. That's a link to the web page NOT an APP SEARCH for the book and you didn't provide any links to any pages where the book is listed as free, so I cannot include it in Freebie Friday.

I do, however, plan to continue the meme tomorrow, on Saturday's posts, so if you'd like to get a link to me today or before 5am tomorrow (Sat) I can include your book. It has to be free. I'm not promoting books, generally, only freebies (which theoretically, gets you readers and future sales as you noted in one of your comments).

I do apologize if that freebie requirement was unclear but it's kind of the basis of this whole activity (grin)

Paul said...

I have to say, I'm not (hopefully) this impossible.

My understanding of the situation, based upon your comments, was that you needed a link to the book so people could see it, whether they intended to buy it, or not. The Amazon link to the printed book seemed the most neutral location to link to.

I used text rather than active links so it would be easier to move them into another post without first following them and then copying URLs from the address bar. That was my bad, I guess.

I said in my response that the kindle version was reduced to $0.99 because there is no mechanic in Amazon DTP to make a previously paid book free without completely unpublishing/republishing it.

I know iBooks doesn't have an online store where people can link directly to it, but I thought that, with the above, there would be plenty of info to make things work with a, "it's free in iBooks today only" or some such.

In the end, I suppose this is moot though, if I don't meet the entrance criteria, then I don't, which is fine. However, none of these mechanical issues will be overcome by tomorrow, or any other Friday, as they are completely outside my sphere of control, so I suppose this is where I thank you for the possibility, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors..

So, thank you for your time, and I wish you success in your path to what you pursue.


WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hi Paul,

Just to be clear, there are no "entrance criteria" in the sense you're implying, but rather, the promo is for FREE books--or books that are free for one day.

There are ways to alter your price on Barnes & Noble as well as offering the book on Smashwords (which of course, gives you TOTAL control over your book's pricing in each of the various distribution channels, which I did try to encourage you to revisit since you were having issues with Smashwords previously due to formatting of your source file).

The case is not moot if you want to give it a go. Since you previously had an author account on Smashwords, it seems to me, simple enough to just upload the book and its metadata there, set the price free, and give me that but I tend to look for streamlined solutions. Forex, I would never follow a link simply to click it. I'd simply copy it with a right-click menu option (or on the iPad, I hold my finger on the link untilI get the right-click menu and choose "copy" rather than either of the opening options)

I feel your disappointment and a bit of hostility and I'm never happy to make someone feel negative so I have to stress for a third time, if you want to provide the information as requested and provided by everyone else, I can add you to the feature--or to tomorrow's in the worst case--but I can't link to a page that has a book for pay when I've promised my readers FREE books will be featured here. Sorry.

Paul said...

No worries, and no hostility. Sorry if I came across that way.

To be clear though, you ~do~ have entrance criteria, which I am, at present, unable to meet.

I don't want to turn this into a complaining session about the various means of distribution, especially when I have chosen the ones I am using. Suffice to say that Amazon and B&N's systems are not conducive to agile price adjustments, and Apple is not, at present, offering promo codes to those of us who publish directly through them. I do not have time to republish revised books through smashwords right now, and I still have serious misgivings about their operation anyway, despite your assurances to the contrary.

I will revisit the matter, but it won't be today, or this weekend.

As mentioned before, I am OCD, and a highly functioning, mild autistic. I have a very logical (to me), and simple (again, to me) way of looking at things. I find that a lot of the time, my expectations are seriously at odds with the way others view things, however. To me, a blurb about a product that includes the words , "it's free today only on the iBook store" would make perfect sense. But I can see how a direct link would be preferable.

I have no ego to speak of, and I am generally very good at accepting feedback of all kinds, although sometimes I can get defensive when things really don't make sense to me. You're more likely to upset me by telling me how to operates computer, than any of the rest of this exchange.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough here. I ~do~ appreciate your efforts, and I apologize if I have caused any frustration. It was most certainly not intended.

Thank you again for your time, and energy.


Agnieszkas Shoes said...

Songs From the Other Side of the Wall by Dan Holloway. General Fiction

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Agnieszkas Shoes said...

Black Heart High by Dan Holloway. Young Adult Paranormal Romance

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WebbieGrrl Writer said...

As mentioned over on FB, Dan, thanks. I'll add all 3 to my Saturday Surprise addendum tomorrow and on each of the Freebie Fridays for the rest of the month. I'm so glad you mentioned the Smashwords Summer Sale opportunity! I really wish Mark would do the darned newsletter more regularly *g* I shouldn't hear about SW news from you but from him!

Voodoo Spice said...

Hi Webbiegrrl!

Thanks for the invite over on Authonomy - I have two titles for free (with promo code SSWSF) in the July Smashwords Sale, so any Friday is good, up to and including July 29th:

Death & The City: Heavy Duty Edition

Chick Lit/Crime/Humour - includes books 1 & 2 plus a feature screenplay as bonus material. Nightclub bouncers and hitmen.

Living Hell

Older teenage satire/alternative/grunge fiction. Blackmailers and Satanists.

Thank you :)

Lisa Scullard (my author name as well!) xx

WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the submissions. I'll go ahead and add all of them to the Freebie Friday tomorrow, July 8, and play it by ear from there but probably keep it on the Freebie Fridays for the month to see if we can't get you some readers! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportuntity.

Dere Feind im Innern (The Enemy Within) Short story thriller, 6,000 words with an anti drugs theme.

Author: Declan Conner

Smashwords coupon: MF96Q expires 19th August 2011

Approximately 25 pages in a printed book. Independently edited and proof read.

Short story, with German, American English and UK and Commonwealth English versions available in one eBook, with internal links for the reader to make the choice of language.

There is a war taking place, but where? It could be nearer than you think. They say to keep your friends close and your enemy’s even closer. But what happens in a society where you can’t tell one from the other? Would this cause you to become your own worst enemy. A gripping thriller of a soldiers tale with plenty of action.

Than you
Declan Conner

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Declan,

Two problems here, so hopefully you are actually following the comment thread, since you did not leave any email contact, just your web URL:

1) This is a "dead thread." The submissions thread for the next Freebie Friday blog is posted elsewhere, specifically:

2) Your link goes to a German-language version. If you have an English-language version, please post it (on the correct submissions thread so I don't lose track of your request next week). Honestly, it never occurred to me to specify that books featured must be English-language books. *haha* live and learn.

porkysgirl said...

Hello Webbie Girl, love keeping up with you
smashers site is and the book for this coming Freebie Friday is
Case Files-Bright Sun and the code is
DP52N. I believe you said that if given the url from Smashwords, you could obtain everything else you needed
thanks in advance, Gayle (porkysgirl)