Monday, June 13, 2011

Marketing Monday: Digging the Blogosphere

Since I do not already have a following, I have to use whatever social media tools I can to develop one. I'm already on Twitter but haven't been able to dredge up an interest in tweeting every moment of my life Suffice to say I have Networked Blogs feed my RSS through from here on Blogger to Facebook and to Twitter (and from Twitter to LiveJournal). So I'm pretty well "connected" as it were. Or at least automated.

But to solicit interest, I have to BE interesting and not to toot my own horn too much but I know that once I join a conversation, I can sure fire up a spark of interest. Not always a good thing that I am prone to making snarky and provocative remarks but it does make me fundamentally wired for participating in a community like Digg (or or StumbleUpon or others but I like Digg best).

As I'm going to have to manually enter each and every one of my blog posts into the Digg database before I can manually enter its Digg URL into the code to get the button to show up on my Blogger posts (grrrr, this still irks me as ridiculously UNautomated for no good reason), I'll be visiting the Digg site often and should probably avail myself of the opportunity to get involved in other Diggs. I'll have to limit myself (LOL) Yeah, right.

I just think it'll be far more useful to me, however, to participate in public, social networking spaces like Digg and Facebook and Twitter than it would be to spend hours on a site like--for example--Authonomy, which is narrowly focused and even more narrowly populated. Same story with other writer/publishing sites with which I've gotten involved. They might be happily indulgent to me, Sarah, the Webbiegrrl Writer, but they don't help me, the Author who's trying to sell books and generate interest in my words.

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