Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TUES TIP: Soliciting eBooks for Freebie Fridays

If you have a book published on Smashwords or elsewhere that allows you to offer it for a limited time as a free giveaway, please consider submitting it here to be featured on one of the weekly Freebie Fridays giveaways. To submit your book, I'll need to know the following.

Just submit a comment to this post including the following information. Note, you can include one URL only per comment or my spam filtering will kick in and ban you from the site. Just make a new comment for each, individual book.
  1. Your book's title, genre and your pen name as well as the format(s) in which it is available (forex, my own book would be "Coming Home (Dicky's Story), a RomCom/inspirational by Sarah R. Yoffa")
  2. The URL of the book's page on the web (presumably a Smashwords URL but if you have it uploaded elsewhere that readers can get it for free, that's good, too)
  3. The coupon code (if from Smashwords, these are immediately activated but you set the expiration date. Be sure it's active until midnight Friday night!)
  4. The Friday on which it will be made available for free (a date, forex, Friday, June 17, 2011 will be the first Freebie Friday here)
Any genre or style or length. Short stories and/or poem collections are fine, too. Completed works only, please (no works in process) and only submit works for which you are the copyright holder.

I am unlikely to review your book myself unless I've already read it (i.e. unlikely to offer to read new books and for now, not requiring that I have read it to feature it here). However, if you have reviews posted somewhere you'd like to have included (to help encourage readers to click-through), let me know. I'd be happy to include a couple of them in the post/featurette.



Jason Matthews said...

Hi Sarah,

Currently I have one title on Smashwords for free. It's called Jim's Life and is in the ever common spiritual/sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal genre. The Smashwords link is http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7128

Now off to check SEO elements of your site.


WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hi Jason, I'll be delighted to feature Jim's Life tomorrow (Fri Jun 17) but the way you phrased this makes me wonder if perhaps I was unclear.

The Freebie Fridays at Smashwords doesn't just apply to books that are free all the time. In fact, just the opposite. The idea is to exploit the fact that Smashers (Smashwords Authors) have the ability to set our prices ourselves--and to offer coupons which customers can use to get a discount on that price, any amount we Smashers care to set for the coupon--and for any duration. For Freebie Fridays, the idea is to have a coupon that is good for one day and one day only, Friday, and is set to create a discount of 100% or IOW make the book "free" for customers using that coupon code. It's not necessarily just for books that are free all the time. It's for making books free TEMPORARILY on Friday.

I've said it 3 times now. Clearer I hope? :) You're not the only one who's had this slightly skewed understanding of what I was talking about so I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it clearer before now. It seemed so straightforward to me, I just assumed it was clear to everyone else, too!

Jennifer Bogart said...

Hi Sarah,

Remember Newvember (Chick Lit by Jennifer Bogart) is available on Smashwords. Here is the coupon code for this Friday, if you are interested in posting it: VH59L .

The link for the book is: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/64720

I am also interested in the one for the July long weekend, but I will generate a new coupon for that.

WebbieGrrl Writer said...

Hi Jennifer, I would love to feature your ChickLit novel on both this Friday and the following one, for the long weekend. Thanks for contributing a title!