Monday, July 11, 2011

MARKETING MONDAY: Third Tribe Marketing

I really enjoy the posts by Sonia and Brian at the Copyblogger site and have subscribed to Sonia's Internet Marketing for Smart People series, so it should be no surprise that I'm right there on the same page (well, not on the page, as I didn't post a comment, but metaphorically speaking *hee hee*) as their discussion of "tribes" in the internet marketing strategic world.

I really am not cut out to be one of the Cool Kids Tribe. I think someone like fellow Authonomy member, Jason Matthews, author of How to Make, Market & Sell eBooks is. Jason is all about getting attention for his messages (and he has several of them), he's great at making a presence (appropriate for a different audience for each of his different areas of sales), and at presenting the picture of success. I don't think he's faking it, so please don't get the idea I'm suggesting that, but I'm very much positive Jason and I operate in very different ways.

We think differently and naturally, everything stems from that foundational difference. I'm detail-oriented, he glosses over details. We approach things with such different, opposing objectives even though one might think we're both in this business to make money. We are, at one level, but we approach money-making so differently that I can't see it half the time.

The blurring of lines and glossing over nitty gritty details by Cool Kids Tribe members is one of the things that drives me beserk, raises my ire and makes me (oftentimes) have serious conflicts with this type of personality. I recently had a very uncomfortable conversation with Jason and I suspect, he's still feeling a little insulted. I kept pressing for details and clarification and he kept casting all of that aside, making it sound like I was fixated on irrelevant information and why couldn't I just make the situation work? He didn't have trouble with it. We must've gone back and forth half a dozen times and got nowhere (except that I got a virus on my computer).

As it turned out, the specific instance in question involved a great example of how differently we operate--right down at the thought level. I like to put my "hands on" directly and dig into a problem to solve it. Jason prefers using the tools that let him avoid getting into the nitty gritty details and just gets the job done quickly so he can move on. I find that approach gruff; he found me brusque. Wait, aren't those the exact same (negative) feeling? Hmm. Funny how we both ended up feeling the same way for entirely different reasons. I don't hold grudges but I think this proved that fundamentally different approaches to the same problem aren't always compatible.

Ironically, of course, Cool Kids Tribe members are so good at making people like them, I usually do like them as people, but just dislike how they conduct their marketing activities. In fact, I think Jason's a super nice guy and the fact he writes spiritual and inspirational fiction probably is indicative of his being genuinely nice. I just cannot do business the way he does. It feels "wrong" to me. For me. I'm glad for him that he's so successful at it. He's a successful member of the Cool Kids Tribe.

I'm also really not cut out to be one of the IM Tribe. I mean, I've never believed in any of the "get rich quick" schemes and firmly believe any and all of them are just scams. Then again, the Spammers in China and Nigeria have to make a living too, right? I just wish their SPAMbots would figure out that a female user doesn't need a penis englargement no matter what you call it. The enlargement, not the penis b/c really, I don't want to know what you call yours unless we're naked in bed together (grin). Tribal customs only go so far, buddy.

Third Tribe

I don't think either the Cool Kids Tribe or the IM Tribe are Bad People, but I know I don't fit into either one. I immediately liked the term "Third Tribe" because it reminded me of Stephen Covey's Third Alternative. I was hugely big on Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" when it first came out and followed up with the "how to" after he "went commercial" (joined the Cool Kids Tribe IMO) with "First Things First." I don't like where Covey ended up going with his business approach, but that didn't mean I dismissed his sermon's content. I think Sonia and Brian and the others at Third Tribe Marketing have really touched on the essence of how I like to approach Internet Marketing.
This [Third Tribe] avoids excessive hype and snake-oil offers. But they have no problem asking for the sale and making money. Lots of money.

These marketers test approaches from every direction to adapt and apply what they learn in a way that works. [The Third Tribe] profits from the intersection of pragmatism and progress.

More than this, I believe Third Tribe members approach all business decisions with the idea in mind of a Third Alternative, seeking out the win/win rather than simply accepting the win/lose. It's that connection to the very Covey-like, principle-centered methodology that draws me into Third Tribe Marketing.

Which tribe are you?

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