Saturday, July 30, 2011

SAT SURPRISE #1 (of at least 2) Coming soon!

I realize now, too late to stop it, that I've just tweeted all over the place (including on Facebook) but the blog, itself, didn't get updated and yet.... posting here updates everywhere else. Argh! Gotta love automation. I'm sorry. I'll start here on the blog next time! Promise!

I've been sketching all morning--seriously, all morning, since about 7:30am! I got inspired by Lisa Scullard's art last weekend and like Lisa, I keep drawing "too much detail" to be what my Mind's Eye had envisioned. I'm not going to keep erasing. I've already gone through almost an inch of eraser stick and I have graphite all over my fingertips from rubbing (I'm using a mechanical pencil so it's not that but there's no better "blur" than a human fingertip--which is why Adobe Photoshop makes a blur tool with a fingertip icon *haha*)

I've got the legs (with his cargo pants) and the tallit katan (shirt/smock with tassels) and I've got his head twisted around, one eyebrow up in surprise, hair flying out of control. All I have left to do is the darned hands - I want one up, in one of those surprise as he's twisting poses, and one holding the keepah he was about to put on.

It's the scene in the end of Ch 20 from whence the title "Coming Home" originates. He's about to put on a keepah for the first time and has doubts about the choice, so he wonders to himself, "God, what am I doing?" and hears that voice, not his own, answering, "Coming home, at last." And he spins around to look and be sure there's no one behind him (such as Itzick playing a joke on him, the little imp!)

I love that moment in the story and have wanted to produce imagery for it, somehow, since I wrote it in 2003. I'm not sure all of that will come through in a cartoon character on a book cover but I'll know it's there. I'll be happy. Assuming I can draw these darn hands!

I've pulled it all into Photoshop to work on and hope to upload something later today. Hence, the Saturday Surprise #1 of at least 2. Keep a watch here or on twitter. I promise not to tweet it ten times again! ^_^

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