Saturday, July 23, 2011

SAT SURPRISE: Not a Snippet in Sight! Surprise :)

Yeah, I'm in a snarky mood this Saturday morning and not going to snippet this week. Sorry!

Been busy working on other things and really feeling wiped out from my day job earlier this week (had to help out with a second truck after finishing my own). I have to get up too early tomorrow and I think I need to just take this Shabbat off. It is, after all, Shabbat, as in the Jewish Sabbath when--according to Jewish Law--I should not only not be online, I should not be of the frame of mind that I have to do any work today. I should be resting, taking respite from work, recreating myself, re-energizing my spirit, reconnecting with my world. That's the point of taking Shabbat (not just reciting prayers from a book that someone else wrote).

So instead of writing, I've been doodling, trying desperately to keep myself from trying to actually draw and instead, to get a cartoon-ish little sketch of a Dicky-like figure I can use for new cover art on Coming Home (Dicky's Story). My existing cover art is so dark--even though it's of a brightly-lit window, it feels dark to me--and the story is all about the light. I want a white background cover with b/w line art. Period. Maybe I'll do the text in red or some other color for accenting but I want the cover to be simple, open, airy, light. After all, the cover art is the #1 sales tool and right now, I don't think this cover is very saleable.

Lisa Scullard did a sketch--totally self-motivated and not at all solicited, which I found to be an incredibly sweet and flattering gesture. Despite this does NOT look in the least like Dicky as I imagined him when I created/wrote him, this did motivate me to rethink the possibilities. After seeing a not-Dicky image, I decided I wanted to see an image that was him. I can't describe what I have in my head. I can see it. I just need to draw it. I have the technology. I just need the time!

I have to say, I only mentioned a few things to Lisa and she turned out this sketch--while we were emailing! I told her about the bazillion pockets on Dicky's long coat and that he had this book, The Book, a big antique book he'd had since he was a little kid; and I mentioend he had a week's beard growth and had just had his unruly hair cut 2 weeks earlier. Given all that and the fact it took Lisa about 5 minutes (seriously, we were emailing while she was doing this!) I'm fairly well-impressed. I think Lisa has a career in webcomics and she just doesn't realize it!! What do you think?

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