Saturday, July 30, 2011

SAT SURPRISE: Sketching Dicky Pt. 2 (of at least 3)

Yeah, the number of times I'm going to post is getting higher each time I return to this! Argh. I can't believe I got so much done today and yet I feel like I'm making no progress. Basically, last weekend I'd started doing the face -- no hair! -- based on existing Disney cartoons (he looks very Disneyesque, doesn't he? I am pleased with that part) but I didn't have anything else done until this morning. Now I have...well, look, I'll show you because it's really starting to shape up but try to remember this is a work VERY MUCH in progress still!

And remember it's driving me insane to work on it, so be gentle if you post any comments -- but I'd love to hear any helpful suggestions. Always. The head from last weekend was all done in Photoshop. The legs today were all done on paper with pencil. Boy, does the difference show!!

I'll post this and then get more coffee, maybe twitter around a bit, do anything but look at this for 10 min. then come back and delight in how far I've gotten. I hope. What do you think?

The circle in the right hand will be the keepah if I can ever figure out how to make it look. The left arm, bent in the foreground, needs to have one of those bent back hands that says "surprise!" (it's a Saturday Surprise post, isn't it? *LOL*) You know, palm out, fingers splayed, like a stop sign. He keeps looking effeminant when I do it though. Grrr....

I've now created and deleted a new layer on top of those framework lines TWICE. Three times's a charm, right? Soon, my tweets, soon.

p.s. aren't his feet hilarious? I can't tell, are those some kind of super-futuristic sneakers or what? Hahahahahaha, I have to laugh at myself. I'm just no good at hands and feet. Eyes, yes. Hair? Check. Baggy arms and legs, sure. Six-pack abs...only with luck. I got his V shape right though, give me credit for that okay? Then you can laugh at those feet.

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