Saturday, July 30, 2011

SAT SURPRISE: Sketching Dicky Pt 3 of 3 #amwriting #cartoons

This is way harder than I thought it would be. It's tedious. And it's not getting finished today. Ah well. I made some excellent progress though.

I've cleaned up the shirt a little, trimmed the moustache area, tweaked his neck a bit (hmmm, wish he were real and I would! *haha*) and started to draw the easier arm/hand--as in the left one. I erased the hand and kept the arm in place to work on next time but I haven't finished shading the sleeve yet. I definitely do not like the neckline of the shirt--it's totally wrong! At least now the bottom of the shirt curls and has the tassels inside instead of outside. The Tallit Katan is worn under a loose shirt (untucked).

Hands are the hardest things for me to draw! Next time I sit down to do this, I'll work on them again with a fresh mouse-hand. Hopefully, that'll be next Saturday! To quote Emperor Gregor again:  Let's see what happens!


TC said...

He's shaping up nicely! I wish I had just a tiny bit of artistic ability so I'm very envious of all your skills.

porkysgirl said...

I thought those strings looked like Tallis strings so I looked up Tallit katan and bingo. I have my Dad's Tallis in my Hutch. I"m so loving this book
I just want Dickie and Leah and Ishtic (sp) to be one big happy family. I cannot tell you why, but I'm mesmerized by this book?

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thank you, Tracy! It's brutally slow-going! I'm very good at copying something I'm looking at but I'm not as good as I'd like to be at creating from my mind's eye--and I have him CLEARLY pictured in my mind's eye!!

Porkysgirl - I didn't see the "s" in the middle there at first and just LOL at the irony of that name for a nice Jewish girl. I shall not ruin the story for you but it's not a mystery. He gets the girl in the end. Oh and yeah, he "finds G*d" too *haha*

Thanks for reading Dicky's Story, PorkysGirl, and I hope you bought it from Smashwords 'cos I'm seriously considering an update (Second Edition) but if you bought it from Smashwords, you get all updates free, included in your original purchase price. Elsewhere (Amazon and B&N) not so much. Since I have no customer mailing list, I can't figure out how I'm going to give free updates to existing customers but I guess Keep watching this blog! works, too :)

I'm glad the little fringes actually translated cartoonland into realistic looking Tallit fringe (I speak Sephardic so it's a "t" instead of the Ashkenazi "s" but it's the exact same spelling in Hebrew! :-)) I have no clue how I'll manage to draw a guy "clutching" a cloth keepah but I'm sure going to try!

I need to move his elbows out from his sides to make him more "surprised" looking and like he's "throwing" his body into the turn.

And now I need to stop procrastinating and just write today's Monday Marketing post!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Oh and PorkysGirl, I can tell you why you're mesmerized by Dicky's Story. There just are not any contemporary fiction or romantic comedies out there today that are JEWISH without being "Old Country" Jewish. It seems as if it's impossible for Jews to enter the mainstream and not lose our Jewishness.

So I decided to be the first ;-) Tell all the gals in your Sisterhood or B'nei Bris group *haha*

porkysgirl said...

ur sketch so far is wonderful, I think it captures exactly what I would be looking for. As for my email name, somewhere, down, way down, I"m sure it had something to do with no pork at home? while growing up. :)
I think this book w/b a new beginning for me!!! yes, I did purchase book off SW, I've learned so much from there as I"m the "editor" for my husbands books. So I get to visit it daily?
I love reading your blog and your FB page, not sure where you find the time though lol. p.s.
I think not having great artistic ability is better. If he were perfect looking, we wouldn't look at him as long, cuz he'd be perfect. if he has some bulges or angles that don't look right, I think that's better. But what do I know. I can't draw either
Enjoy the day

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Ahhh, a fellow Smasher! Be sure to follow the SW Facebook Page if you don't already. I have a link to it on my Webbiegrrl Facebook Page, over on the left side as one of the 5 featured Pages.

Growing up we ate Chinese food takeout in my house so I got my fill of spareribs and pork strips. It was more Polynesian than actually Chinese but it was the idea that counted...and the red sauce famous across New England made all the difference. We used it on chicken ourselves. Red Chicken. Only in New England :) Well, you can buy Ah-So sauce via direct mail but you need to buy 12 jars at a time!

porkysgirl said...

oh my, you did get to eat pork! not so sure why it was so important to me then? I know, cuz Mom said 'no'
Keep on doing what you're doing, I follow you all day long on everything and am trying to send your link to all my friends as well
Didn't read Dicky last nite as Husband is getting into blogs now. If you need a break from your daily grind, here's his blog

Paul said...

Hey sry, he's looking good!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thanks, Paul - I updated it again and posted to the Webbiegrrl Fan Page on Facebook for a change.

Gayle, I've seen you following me everywhere *smirk* Thank you! You are a True Fan! Definitely share the book with all your Jewish lady friends 'cos this book is totally primed for a female Jewish woman in the US. That's my golden spot in the niche audience (though my audience is far FAR larger than just Jewish American females).

Once I have a new cover, I want to write to all the Jewish magazines, from Hadassah to Moment, from The Jewish Chronicle in the UK (where there are 1.8 million Jews last I checked) to some of that 19th century organization's American spinoffs (apparently every state in the US has its own Jewish Chronicle!)

Even just getting reviewed in 3 of those magazines would get me around 5 million sets of eyes. If I get even just a 20% clickthrough that's still 1 million. Even 3% (which is normal direct mail returns) would be 150,000 and that's HUGE...that's what's called a BREAKOUT NOVEL. I would kill for 150,000 readers...okay, not *kill* but I might die a little from shock and awe.

At least I have a business plan :) I just need to get off my arse and down to bizness!

porkysgirl said...

I tell ya, you're my inspiration and I forward everything I get from to "the writer" in the house. Thanks for taking the time to write with me
I know you're busy
and you're right
I am stalking

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thank you, Gayle. Stalk away *haha* If I don't have time, I'll just not show up. Don't worry. I know how this ON/OFF button here works! And I'll be offline for the next 2 days so you can catch up on reading Dicky's Story! You have your assignment missy :)

porkysgirl said...

yes maam, I figure if I"m gonna learn from you, I have to do as you say...
Tuesday nite is my dinner nite with the girls, but I do promise tomorrow to get in some Dicky reading time
I passed your book along to a few friends too
enjoy your next 48 hours