Friday, July 29, 2011

Submissions for Freebie Friday (5 Aug 11)

Add your book to the comment thread here to get featured next week! Now that the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale is over, I'll be going back to just 3 free reads featured each week.

If I don't get submissions--or if I get more than 3 submissions in any given week--I'll hand-pick the titles myself, based on my mood at the moment I look at your book's page. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not a judgment call, it's just a whim of fancy. If I don't pick your book one week, it is definitely possible (but by no means guaranteed) that I'll include it the following week.

The point of this Friday feature is to get everyone involved exposure to a new audience so I'm trying to pick books that are different than what I usually write, different from what my regular readers might expect of me and different than the masses of eBooks out there in the bitstream.

To get in on this, you need to have an English-language book that is free (either for one-day-only on Friday or for any length of time that includes Friday of the week in question) and is located on a web site somewhere my readers can click through to and see a preview and/or download the complete file. Your "book" must be a completed work (no WIPs or partials please) and you must be the copyright owner to submit it. Any genre--including short stories, anthologies and/or poetry--is okay to submit.

To participate, please post a comment below and either provide me with your Smashwords book page's URL (from which I can get everything I need myself) *OR* provide:
  1. your book's title and your author/pen name
  2. your book's genre and approximate word count
  3. a URL to the book's page (please test it to be sure it works!)
Please make sure the book page is "ready for prime time" viewing as that's where I'll direct readers to get your book and you may (or may not) get a lot of traffic that day. Your #1 sales tool is your book cover image (which I'll use "as is") and your #2 sales tool is your book's description (which I reserve the right to edit for readability and space considerations).

You can make your book page URL clickable. Blogger will convert your HTML to a clickable link after your comment is posted. You'll need to fill in the CAPTCHA words just to see the preview or to get the comment posted, so please don't close the popup window until you've typed in the CAPTCHA words. Also, please only use one link per comment or you'll trigger my SPAM filters.

You can submit more than one book at a time by posting multiple comments if you like but remember, I'll only include 3 books per week and would prefer not to have all three from the same author.

Please be sure to follow @webbiegrrl on twitter so you'll get the auto-tweet on Friday when Networked Blogs feeds it through to twitter. Please RT the link to the blog post so that everyone mentioned benefits from the group effort of marketing.

Thanks for participating!


S J MacDonald said...

Great idea, thanks!

My new book Mission Zero is available on Smashwords at

Hope you like it! :)


Webbiegrrl Writer said...


Sorry but the Freebie Friday post is only for books that are free on that Friday, so unless you're generating a coupon that'll be valid through Friday, August 5th, sorry but you cannot be featured on the blog.

S J MacDonald said...

Hi Sarah - sorry, should have got that sorted first. The book is free till 8th August and the code is BE83S.

Hope this is okay!



Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thanks for the followup on the code, Susan!

porkysgirl said...

Awesome idea, the Book is called Newport Investigations-Case Files
Prodigal Son
COUPON CODE IS BS42C and the link is
thanks so much, great opportunity for all

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Okay, Gayle, will include you (erm, your hubby's book). Thanks :)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

oops forgot to do this last night.