Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TUES TIP: Freebie Friday (July 8) Submissions

I'm thinking I should do a new one of these each and every week so that the new books submitted don't get lost in the previous week's comments thread. Don't forget, from now on, I'll be cross-posting Friday Memes with Tracy over at Booked Up so you might get a few new readers that way, as well.

Submit your book here if you'd like it featured on this week's Freebie Friday post, on July 8, 2011.  Cutoff for submissions is typically 5am on that Friday (US Eastern Time Zone) but if I have to contact you for further information, your book might not make the week's post. I can include you in the following week's post instead. Better to just submit the requested information the first time, eh?

To participate, you simply need to have a book that is, well, free (for Friday only or for any length of time that includes Friday, July 8th) and can be linked to online--that is, a web site where blog readers can click through and see the book to decide if they want to download and/or read it.

If your book's only free behind some walled garden like the Apple Store, then sorry, no can do. Most of my blog readers come from either twitter posts or web sites where I post about this and they expect to be able to click through. I think it's a reasonable expectation ^_^

Also, your book must be a completed work (no WIPs or partials please) and you must be the copyright owner to submit it. Any genre--including anthologies and poetry--is okay to submit. To participate, just post a comment and provide me with your:
  1. book's title and your author/pen name
  2. book's genre
  3. book's approximate word count
  4. URL to the book's page
I'll go ahead all by myself and get the book's  thumbnail image and description off the book's page at the URL you provide, so provide the book page you feel is "ready for prime time" viewing.

If you'd like to make it a clickable link (please do!) just go ahead and type out the HTML for a link in your comment. (Click here for the W3C definition of how to create a link in HTML). Blogger will convert your HTML to a clickable link after your comment is posted. I only allow one link per comment before the SPAM filter considers you to be abusing the comments but you can make the link to your book page clickable if you'd like.


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