Saturday, August 13, 2011

SAT SURPRISE: Guest Feature Marjorie "Friday" Baldwin #SciFi - i #amwriting r u #reading?

So I cannot keep up the dual writing careers in secret anymore. I am burned the *bleep* out.


The good news is, though, I'm making marvelous progress on my scifi edits and rewrites. Actually, I'm pretty much rewriting from scratch and deleting what was there wholesale, just using it for a basis of the rewrites but I'm getting the new voice(s) consistent across chapter by just writing from scratch. You know I can write 10,000 words a day if I'm given the time, right?

But I can't do that and snippet two Romantic Suspense novels and blog here 4 days a week and maintain two twitter accounts and two Facebook Pages. It has all, finally, caught up with me. I had to choose. So I chose to write.

Surprise! ^_^ Yeah, not much of a surprise.

So, Marjorie "Friday" Baldwin had an amazingly productive day! Wow, she got so high, MY head is spinning (LOL) You can read her chapters over on Authonomy where she's been uploading snippets for a few weeks now. Click here to read the chapters online.  You cannot download them, sorry.

You can read without registering but you have to register to "back" the book and/or to leave comments. That's a rule Harper Collins (who run the site) made up. Not me (and by me I mean "Friday")

Please do leave comments. You only need an email address to register, not a whole lot of information. Just tick the box to only get messages from your friends and then no one can spam you. Send a friend request to Friday 2 with some kind of mention on your profile of being a Webbiegrrl fan and I'll -- I mean she -- will accept your friend request within a day.

Marjorie--or Friday to her friends--has been logging into Authonomy nearly everyday. It's pretty exciting to check on the book's progress. The snippets started out at a ranking of something like 4950 and are now up to 1822. That's just because 5 people put the "book" (the snippets are called a "book" at Authonomy) on their shelf and left it there. The longer a book is on a shelf, the more "weight" the shelf carries so those 5 people have moved the book up the ranks by what, 3000 points?! Wow.

If you want to join in the fun, and don't mind registering for Authonomy, you too can "back" the book and leave it on your shelf so its weight will increase daily and help the book to rise through the ranks. It's moving at a rate of about 100 places a day right now.

Just a warning. Shelving books draws spam like bees to honey. Be sure to tick the box (on your profile home page) about messages from friends only or you'll get spammed as soon as anyone sees a new user who has a book on their shelf. It's pretty awful, but there are a few good forums and the Authonomy system for uploading, reading and commenting on books is great (from the Author's perspective anyway).

If you enjoy the writing style, please do leave a comment on Authonomy and I (and this time, by "I" I mean me, not Friday) wouldn't mind hearing from you here as well! You can find Friday posting on Twitter @phoenicianbooks and on Facebook at the Phoenician Series Page. She also wrote a really kewel non-fiction article as a guest blog post for Ben Wallace Books. Check it out at the Phoenician Series Blog.

Yeah, I've been just a wee bit busy lately, living a double..triple, quadruple? life!! Help!

I'll be back on Monday with a new Marketing blog...come hell or high water and since we're expecting a storm front to move in, it could go either way! Cya!

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