Saturday, August 6, 2011

SAT SURPRISE I got nothing but then again, I #amwriting so maybe L8R today? Stop back soon!

It's a surprise to me that I can't muster the drive to keep working on that cartoon of Dicky. It's the hands. I can't finish the shirt until I draw the arms and I can't draw the arms without figuring out the hands. I kind of know what I want to do but I'm not clear enough and don't have good examples so I'm putting it off. Yep, Sarah, procrastinating! It does happen. Not often but on occasion.

Besides, drawing is really a procrastination method to avoid writing and I should be writing, right? I currently have 2 romantic suspense novels in one stage or another of progress (Lacey / Rainey, about 70% done; Ze'evi + Mags barely even started, maybe 1% done?) and I have a scifi series of 4-5 books I'm trying to edit and market and release (the first book anyway) by December, 2011. That sounds like it's a long ways off but trust me, it's sooner than you think! At a chapter a week, the 24 chapter book will take 6 mos and December's just over FOUR months away. It's gonna be a tight squeeze to get the first book out in December, esp. if I keep throwing energy at Dicky's Story, which allegedly was already out in March.

So. What's today's surprise? I'm writing, or editing, or both. That's what's a surprise--or will be to me once I start doing it! I needed to post something here so I could stop feeling guilty. This explanation's leaving me still feeling guilty. Do you forgive me for not posting a new cartoon or snippet or anything today? I might post a snippet later today (probably from Ze'evi + Mags) but no promises. Will you forgive me even if I don't post anything at all again until Monday's Marketing blog? I hope so! I'm dancing as fast as I can, as they say, but this little hamster wheel doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere.

Shabbat Shalom, l'kulam v'Shavu'a Tov!


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