Saturday, August 20, 2011

SAT SURPRISE: SciFi Snippet Time! #freereads @authonomy @phoenicianbooks

So I am streamlining my life, as I mentioned last week and going to do a Sci Fi Saturday Snippet (is that enough of an alliteration for a Saturday Surprise?) from now on, while I am editing the first book due for release in the series. I finished Ch 5 edits today, remarkably!

Check out the beginning on the Phoenician Series blog by clicking here or check out the whole chapter (or the whole book up to this point) by logging into Authonomy. You have to register with the Harper Collins site to leave comments, but anyone can read just by clicking here. Enjoy! Jorle is quite the character (in every sense of the word! LOL)

What's Next....

I haven't yet picked the topic for my next Monday Marketing blog or Tuesday Tip for next week, but I've been thinking I should discuss relationships--the karma of building them and not betraying them. Sonia at the Copyblogger has had a few posts on this topic lately and Emyln Chand of Novel Publicity, the famous Facebook Karmic Liking Chain held every Friday has been remarking on it, too. I have my own 2 cents (or three centavos) so I might just have to chime in. Cya Monday! Until then....

Shabbat Shalom v'Shavu'a Tov l'kulam! (or in English, have a great weekend)

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