Saturday, August 27, 2011

Submissions for Freebie Friday (Sep 2) LaborDay Wkend i #amwriting r u #reading?

Add your book to the comment thread below to get featured on the Friday feature for the holiday weekend! I feature just 3 free reads each week, mostly taken from Smashwords, but any books from any sites are welcome, so long as they can be obtained free on Friday. Because this coming weekend is a long holiday weekend, I'll consider featuring more than 3 books if there is a high demand for inclusion.

The point of the Friday feature is to get the Indie Authors some exposure to a new audience (and to get my readers some free reads they'll enjoy) so I'm trying to pick books that are not only different from what I usually write, but also might be first novels or early works that are struggling to get a foot under them.

Because it's not fair to my readers to offer only novice material, I also try to mix in the occasional "best selling" Indie Author--or at least, Smasher with several extremely successful works, one of which is priced at "free."

Sounds great! How do I join?

If you're a reader, come back Friday and choose the free eBook you want to read. Use the coupon code on Friday's post at checkout to get it at Zero Dollars ($0.00)

If you're an Indie Author, you need to have an English-language book that is located on the web somewhere my readers can click through to see a preview and/or download the complete file. The book needs to be priced at "free" or be free for a day on Friday or for any length of time that includes Friday.

Also, your "book" must be a completed work (no WIPs or partials please) and you must be the copyright owner to submit it, but it can be a collection of short stories, poetry or any genre of fiction. I even welcome non-fiction. Just be clear about where your book falls. You must own the copyrights to the work.

Enter your book by entering a comment below using either of the following options. The deadline for submissions is Thurs. Sep 1 @ 1700hrs Eastern Time (USA). I already have at least one, possibly two, submissions "held over" from this past week's thread. Please enter as early as possible - first come, first serve!

Option A - Smashers

Just give me your Smashwords book page's URL. That's it. I'll get everything I need from there myself.

Option B - Everyone Else  (EE)

In your comment, put:
  1. your book's title and your author/pen name
  2. your book's genre and approximate word count
  3. a URL to the book's page (please test it to be sure it works!)
  4. If your book does not have a cover, please provide a cover image (give me the URL of where the image is located online so I can link to it from my blog post without having to up/download anything). The image must match the book. You must be the copyright owner of the image and the book. Please do not provide me with images you do not have the rights to use.
To add multiple books, please use multple comments, one book +/or link per comment.

If you give me a broken link, no cover image, fail to provide a coupon code or otherwise leave information out before others have provided a complete entry, they are in line ahead of you. Again, first come, first serve and typically, only 3 per weekly feature so as to make it enough of a spotlight and still be a "group" experience.

Please make sure your book page is "ready for prime time" viewing as that's where I'll direct readers to get your book and you may (or may not) get a lot of traffic that day. Your #1 sales tool is your book cover image (which I'll use "as is") and your #2 sales tool is your book's description (which I reserve the right to edit for readability and space considerations).

How does this get exposure?

Since "strength in numbers" is only an effective marketing tool when we all participate, I would ask that you follow @webbiegrrl on twitter so you'll get the auto-tweet on Friday when Networked Blogs feeds it through (I try to immediately do another tweet with better wording). Please RT either one with the link to the blog post so that everyone mentioned in the Friday feature can benefit from the group's collective marketing.

Personally, I try to post the URL to the blog to as many of the indie author and Kindle reader groups as I have joined on Facebook, including the Smashwords FB Page, and I post in a few other reader groups that I belong to for added reach.

If you are a member of Goodreads, for instance, you could help "the collective" by posting the URL in the groups you belong to there--or make it a one-day-only "Goodreads event" using the blog's URL as the "destination." That way, the other authors listed get "cross-pollinated" with your readers and vice a versa.

If you have other marketing ideas for all of us to help each other get the word out, please post a comment to let us all know. Until the day that one appearance here makes a best-seller overnight, I know I can always improve my process! For now, I'm syndicated onto Facebook, Twitter and the Kindleblogs store at Amazon.

Thanks for playing! Now let's give away some books!


Ruby Barnes said...

Here's my freebie novel, try a little Irish. Hope it's your cup of tea!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Ruby, you're officially in the #2 spot but that assumes Merrill (@merrillgemus) still wants the #1 spot for Bitten - she submitted last week and just missed it by one)

This weekend is a holiday weekend here in the States (not sure about Canada, maybe Merrill an tell us given she's Canadian) and usually, on holiday weekends, Americans seem to load up their eBook readers with great expectations to do lots of leisure reading. Hopefully it'll be true this weekend too!

Elizabeth Kirke said...

Ok, I'm going to try and get in on it this week :) It'll be free Thursday - Saturday!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Awesome news, Elizabeth! You are IN!

For some reason, when I keep saying that to people, I feel like I'm channelling Heidi Klum. You are IN. You may leave the runway. LOL!

Kelly said...

Hellos! Here is my Smashwords page! It's for "The Light Rises"

Thanks a bunch!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the URL to your book page but

(a) Your book's not priced at FREE and you did not include any coupon code in your comment and....

(b) I think I already have the 3 entries for this weekend's promo...might be convinced to do a 4th if you either provide a coupon code or reset the book's price to FREE by or before Thurs at 1700 hrs Eastern.

I sure do hope people are ticking the box on their comments to "get emailed followup comments" or you'll never know I've said this!

Melanie said...

I'd love to have my book listed. The smashwords link is . Starfire Angels is free without a coupon.

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Melanie,

I'm trying to test-click all links before I do the Heidi Klum "You are IN" reply but I think Smashwords is either down right now or having a server brownout. I can't get your book page to come up.

Assuming all is well by 1700 hrs ET Thursday, you'll be #5 on the promo :) I'm sure it's just a little glitch on the SW side. It happens. I'm posting the feature early (8am) to get users a head start b/c I suspect the holiday weekend will see high traffic for eReaders seeking out free reads.

I'll post a confirmation Thurs once I get a click-through to work (and to officially close the thread)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

By the way, Melanie, do you realize who this is? It's -sry from the Bar

:: waves :: yeah, hi there :)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Finally! I can get Smashwords pages now. Weird the way it was out this morning.

Melanie, You are IN! You may leave the runway Just followed u on twitter; follow back @webbiegrrl pls

Melanie said...

::waves back::

Yes, I recognized you from the Bar. I haven't logged in there in a couple years, to be honest. I might have to get back on there, especially since I'll be an author guest, joining David Weber, at ValleyCon in Fargo this October.

Thanks for getting me "in", btw :) (I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one with smashwords trouble this morning.)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

OMG how exciting that you'll be speaking alongside the likes of David Weber!! Don't let him overshadow you now :) He's actually more humble than most from what I've heard. Have fun!

I haven't been to the Bar in a while either but I do keep in touch (on Facebook mostly) with a lot of 'flies I met in the 2005-2008 timeframe. Around the time I met you on LJ is when I left the Bar. Then I got banned *haha*

It is funny how about a half dozen of us all posted to the Smashwords page asking about the outtage and yet, John Low hasn't replied. I have no clue what happened. He might not know either. It's all fixed now so that's all that matters, I guess. I hope they're READY for the holiday weekend influx though. It's going to be a busy weekend for downloads. You guys on this week's feature are truly lucking out!! :)

Melanie said...

I don't think I'll be speaking alongside him, but I could be wrong. I don't know what the exact plans are, except that I've offered to sit in on a couple panels and participate in other ways.

I didn't know you got banned. I just remembered you from the Bar when I followed you on LJ, along with a couple of other 'flies that I follow on LJ and FB.

I just saw the smashwords page and the other posts about the site being down. Glad it wasn't me. This new router of ours is driving me nuts, so I never know if it's me or the site.

Anyway, thanks so much for including me for your freebie Friday!

Linda said...

Can't tell if you have all you need. I have a novella that I'd be willing to put up for grabs:

Coupon Code: FT47Y

Linda said...

Failed to check the Follow up for comments! Doing that now :)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Awesome, Linda, you're #6.

((begin Heidi Klum voice))
You are IN! You may leave the runway
((end Heidi Klum voice))

Gee, I miss Project Runway - strangest thing! :)

Even though it's WAY early (by 2 days) I now have all the submissions I can take for Labor Day Weekend. Erego:


However, please feel free to submit your freebie NOW to be #1 for the Friday Sep 9 feature. I'll hold your info so if you're using a coupon code, don't post it yet, just come back on/before Thurs Sep 8 to add it...BE SURE TO TICK THE BOX TO FOLLOW COMMENTS! That'll remind you to come back :-)

Thanks to everyone who entered their books for this weekend. I hope to get you all some new readers! Follow @webbiegrrl on twitter and be sure to RT the link to the blog on Friday and/or Saturday to help keep it "live"

Ruby Barnes said...

Ladies that get banned? I have a lady's name, this is my kinda place!
Thanks again for the inclusion.

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

ahhh, Ruby, I'm just wanker yanker and loudmouthed bird...helps when I tweet far and wide *hahahaha*

Kelly said...

Super sorry! I'm kind of new to this.

Here is the coupon code: BE93V

Thanks a bunch!