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TUES TOOL Building UR eBook Pkg @toonopolis @bookman

I'd like to have a free video editing package to add to this just to round out the package but here are two great resources, tools every Indie Author needs to package and market their eBook. Anyone who has a free video editing tool, please post in the comments and I'll followup in a later post with a fly-through and review.


I saw an amazing article on CreateSpace's resources by Joel Friedlander (of The Book Designer blog) on the differences between display fonts (to be used for cover designs) versus text fonts (to be used for the interior pages of your book--whether you're printing or putting it on the screen, these are not the same as display fonts for the cover). Check out Joel's great advice on font selections and how different fonts are right for different purposes by clicking here.

From that article Joel links to a fabulous resource of free fonts called FontSquirrel. Be careful. Not all fonts are created equal. Windows systems require the TrueType Font (TTF) format while Macs can take the OpenType Face (OTF) format. They are sadly, not interchangeable.


Not too much use for music in the eBook business, you say? Hah! Shows what you know about marketing books! If you can make a video trailer, you're going to need some music. It's best not to use any music that even remotely has any copyright issues associated with it. Try to use royalty-free music, just as you would (hopefully) choose to use royalty-free stock photos for your images. Jeremy Rodden (@toonopolis on Twitter) provided a link to a great site of free music clips to the World Builders' Alliance on Authonomy. Thanks again, Jeremy! Click here to visit the Incompetech web site repository of music clips.

When you select music for a book trailer video, my advice is to try to choose something that does not have really amazing lyrics. You want the music to complement your words, not replace them. I'd also advice choosing a piece that has a relatively smooth or "repetitive" sound to it. Even using a 10-second clip and looping it will work if your clip has an even keel to it. Choosing something that has dramatic peaks and lulls in the sound might be pleasing to listen to for you now, but when you try to synch up text and images and video frames, you'll start regretting it. Again, I say, the music should complement not replace (or distract from) your message.

What's Next....

Well, in an ideal world, next Tuesday I'd be talking about how to assemble a trailer video and where to get free software any moron--I mean someone with little or only basic computer skills--can learn to use. You don't need to "master" the software, just learn enough to get the pictures and words and sounds in there the way you want them.

Unfortunately, it's not an ideal world. I own a copy of Adobe Premiere from my prior life of web development but no longer remember how to use it well enough to make myself a trailer. Ironic, no?

I don't know of any free video editing software but there must be some. I sense a twitter question coming! *haha* Hey, if I get an answer, I'll bet I'll next be sensing another Tuesday Tool post!

Until then, our next blog is Friday with a feature on Danny Gillan and then Saturday, another guest appearance by Marjorie "Friday" Baldwin, methinks. She (and when I say "she," I mean "I") hopes to have Ch 4 edits done by Saturday afternoon. If not, then I (and when I say "I" I mean Webbiegrrl *haha* are you confused about who I am yet? Tell me when you figure it out!) will try to do some more Dicky cartooning and post an update of the cover art on that for Saturday's Surprise. See? It really will be a surprise this week.

Have a great Hump Day, everyone! (don't tempt me to start posting Hump Day pictures either because I have a stock of them and I know how to use them!)

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