Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming Home (Dicky's Story) Coming Soon!

I've decided to put my Jewish Inspirational (and Romantic Comedy) Coming Home (Dicky's Story) on a special FREE OFFER to celebrate the start of the Jewish High Holy Day season, or the Haggim (hah-GEEM) as we call the 3-1/2 weeks of non-stop holidays (and holy days).

The Haggim start with Rosh HaShanah (roe-sh hah-shah-NAH) this Wednesday night through Friday and then nine (9) "awe-full" days later, continue with Yom HaKippurim (Yohm hah-KEE-pour-reem) and then move onto Sukkot (sue-COAT) and finally end (which point is highly debated) on Simchat Torah (sim-CHAHt TOE-rah) on Friday, October 21st. It's a LOT of holidays. Trust me, religious Jews are intensely busy these next 25 or so days. To say 'tis the season would be an understatement.

Simchat Torah is, by the way, the "new year" for the Torah--or when we "rewind" the Torah scrolls and begin reading them again from the start. Actually, we end with the last section and read NON-STOP (preferably without even taking a breath between words) to the first words of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis. It's kind of a big deal ^_^ The religious, right-wingers up in New York will be dancing in the streets celebrating Simchat Torah and the fact that Hashem cherished us enough to give us the gift of His Laws and guidance and to choose us as His people.

Now if only we would choose Him back, eh? And that's Dicky's Story. One very secular man's journey to the point where he decides to choose to be chosen. A little. Click through the jump-break for all the deets on this free offer.

Limited Edition
Since I won't be dancing and will be working pretty much non-stop like I've been doing, I decided I'd offer up Dicky as a means of celebrating in my own way. He's what I've got so why not? Since I'm redesigning the cover (and will eventually finish cartooning Dicky) this will be the last time I offer up a free promo copy of the book in this particular version/edition, so get it while the getting's good! 

Autographed Copy
I'll be happy to send anyone who wants it an autographed copy of the original book cover (see the various banner ads to the right side of this blog) I'll sign it in that big white space of the window. Just leave me a note on the Webbiegrrl Facebook Page requesting your autograph and I'll send you the file via Facebook attachment. If you're not on Facebook (why not?) I'm sure we can work something else out. Leave a comment here on the blog.

Getting it FREE FREE FREE!
I'll make the book "priced at FREE" starting on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 in the evening after I get home from working the day job. That's about when the Haggim start so it seems appropriate.

There won't be any coupon code required so you can get it free at any time by visiting the Smashwords page for the book. Click here to go there now.

Expiration & Formats Available
The free offer for this book will be valid throughout the entire Haggim season which means the free "price" won't expire until October 22, 2011. There's no hurry to download the book (unless you're reading this on October 21st *haha*). It's available from Smashwords in all popular formats (except PDF). If you need help getting the file from the Smashwords site to your Kindle or Nook, just post a comment and I'll try to help you.

Kindle Store
If you prefer to get the file directly on your Kindle and don't like emailing yourself files using Amazon's free @kindle mailbox system, I'm sorry but you'll have to buy the book for $3.99 from the Amazon Kindle Store. I'm also sorry to say Amazon may or may not catch up with the fact the book is priced as FREE in time to make this promo available from the Kindle platform. I can't do anything to change Amazon but YOU can! Help speed the process along by alerting Amazon to the fact you've "found it at a lower price" of zero at Smashwords. They often match the zero price just for that but it's not instant (and I cannot control it). Sorry Kindlers.

Nook Store
For all of you Nookies out there, sorry but Barnes & Noble's Nookstore does not allow me to price the book as FREE. If you're on a Nook and don't like using Smashwords for your EPUB files, click here to buy Dicky's Story for $3.99 at the Nookstore (or notify them it's free at Smashwords and you'd like it to be free to you Nookies, too!)

Apple Store
I'm not even going to try. Apple does what Apple wants--as you well know if you're buying books from the Apple Store. You can find the book in the Smashwords catalog which is fully-integrated into the Stanza eReading app on iOS devices--and if you get it from the Smashwords catalog method, it'll be free. If you download it via the Apple Store, sorry. No go.

If I've missed mentioning a particular format, please leave me a comment to let me know! I'm fairly certain I've covered all popular devices with the formats downloadable from Smashwords but I love to learn new things--educate me!

v'Hag Sameyach l'kulam!  (that means Happy Holidays, Everyone!)

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