Friday, September 23, 2011

FREEBIE FRIDAY (Sep 23) #SciFi #Detective #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense

Welcome back to Freebie Friday! Today I have 3 new reads from 3 new Indie Authors and other than Simon's lighthearted short (first up) I think there's a preponderance of terror this weekend. It's not even October yet! Just imagine how the horror will abound as Halloween approaches.

As always, I have not read any of these books but I encourage you to have a look and let the authors know what you think--especially if you like their work. Your comments will encourage them to write more!

If the author has a Twitter account, I've noted their Twitter ID after their name. Tweet them a thank you for the free gift even if you don't want to write a review. Just the personal acknowledgement from a new reader will (guaranteed) make them smile--and it costs you nothing. Plus you still get the book for free! ^_^

First up is Jones and the Mammoths (approx. 5918 words) a short science fiction story by Simon Poore (@simonpoore).

Jones is marooned when his ship crashes. He has no idea where he is or how he'll survive. Katie is an archaeologist investigating a spectacular find in an English forest. How are these two characters from very different worlds linked? How will the majestic mammoths bring them together? Read on to find out! Then check for more Jones stories at Smashwords.

This book is currently priced at FREE so no coupon is required.

Next is a hard-boiled detective story, Case Files of Newport Investigations: Case File:Bright Sun (approx. 74445 words) by Pat Price (not on Twitter).

This story could have been taken from today's headlines featuring terrorists, nuclear weapons and a deadline that is rapidly approaching. This is Book 2 of Case Files of Newport Investigations and finds our two Newport Beach detectives in a race to find nuclear weapons constructed from stolen nuclear fuel. Add in a homegrown radical group determined to deliver a blow to the government and these gumshoes have their work cut out for them!

To get this book free, use coupon code FE79L at checkout.
(Coupon valid Friday, Sep. 23, 2011 only)

The terrorist theme continues with our last freebie for today--and I swear I didn't plan this. It's just how the books came into the submissions thread! Callout (approx. 71377 words), a paranormal romance by L. B. Clark (@clarklb), is Book One of the Jukebox Heroes series.

A phone call from her best friend’s boyfriend pulls Elizabeth Morgan into a situation she could never have imagined. The world as she knows it changes in the blink of an eye when she finds herself facing a world where terrorists can sling magic as well as bullets, everyone is both more and less than they seem, and even her own thoughts and feelings are suspect.

To get this book free, use coupon code RR29L at checkout.
(Coupon valid through Monday, Sep. 26, 2011)

Just discovered that LB Clark is interviewed elsewhere in the blogosphere today - I'd had no idea! You can learn more about the author at Melissa Garrett's blog by clicking here.

What's Next....

Tomorrow's another Saturday Surprise but I won't be snippeting from the SciFi series this time. I really need to get some of the edits finalized in the earlier chapters so I'll be sharing some of Webbiegrrl's Writings instead--for a change! *haha*

Tomorrow's snippet will be a chapter from around the middle of the Lacey / Rainey Story which I'm officially dubbing Book 2 of the Banbha Series, though it might be Book 3. Won't know where it falls into the series until I map out Ze'evi + Mags and the other related books. There are way more than 3 in Banbha Series (maybe 7 or 8!) All I know for sure is that Ze'evi's comes before Rainey's because Rainey hooks up with someone else (not Lacey) in Ze'evi's and it is Ze'evi who mends his friend's broken heart--by sending him off to a deserted island to set up the Consortium that Rainey is running on the island in his book (and tomorrow's snippet). Leave it to Zachary "Ze'evi" Levinson to "solve" a problem by isolating the man. Yeah, Ze'evi's always the Pragmatist.

Coming up on Monday's Marketing, I'll be looking at Ries & Trout's 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing again. Law 3: The Law of the Mind. Be sure to stop back!

Shabbat Shalom l'kulam!


porkysgirl said...

Thanks so much for picking Pat Price's book for 09/23 Freebie Friday
so appreciate all that you do!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

You're welcome, Gayle. Just wish Pat had a Twitter account so you/he could participate in all of the Twitter marketing side of this. I hope the downloads do well even without the Twittering.

Haven't heard from you in a while, lady :) Are you enjoying the Monday Marketing series?

Melissa said...

Awesome! I just downloaded Callout on my *new* Kindle. What perfect timing!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Yep and your interview was some kind of crazy synchronicity, huh? I don't even recall why I was browsing around your blog today. Just sheer luck that I found out about it though!

Thanks for the +1 on G+ too. I really need to start cross-posting to there more consistently. I just connected my G+ and Klout accts. Too much networking, not enough WRITING!!

Melissa said...

Don't I know it! I finally buckled down and got some revising done today. I'm going to crank out a bit more tonight once the twitlets are in bed. :-D