Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm already late and still not done polishing off the edges on today's article but I didn't want to just not say anything. I'm going to post about the topic of Author Branding. It's a marketing concept that extends far beyond Indie Authors and people who're just struggling to figure out Amazon's KDP or Smashwords Meatgrinder script.

Branding is for everyone.  Branding, for Indie Authors, can start even before your book's done. Branding is not a quick little post to toss together, so I'm giving it more attention than speed.

I promise to have it done and out before I leave for work at the day job this afternoon but I'm going to need another hour or two to get this done--and done right. It'll be worth stopping back. I hope to see you then and my apologies for the delay beyond my usualy 10AM Eastern posting time. Maybe I should just make the deadline noon every day and be early most of the time. *grin*

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