Saturday, October 1, 2011

SATURDAY SURPRISE: #Cartooning Dicky again BREAKING NEWS #Cartoon Still Lacks Hands (Oh, the Horror!!)

UPDATE: October 1st I'm updating the image but not the post, just changing the date to repost this 'cause the news, sadly, hasn't changed. I'm scratching out the shape of im but he still has no hands (smirk) and his posture is definitely OFF somehow. I moved his torso and legs around a bit and changed the angle of his shirt hem and all kinds of subtle stuff and there's STILL something off and I don't even know what. Well, yes, I do. He needs to be "leaning" more over his left shoulder. He's not twisted around enough for how his head is spinning and he's not "leaning" - and I am WAY too much of a perfectionist to cartoon on a computer zoomed in at the pixel level. I am sick sick sick. I'm getting there though...I think.

Today I used David Kawena's Disney Hero "Milo" as my guide (had him open in Photoshop right next to my workspace so I got Milo's left arm scratched out in there but seriously, having David's perfect little Milo right there just drove home how "off" Dicky is *grr*

Add to this I haven't got ANY shadows going on (except between his legs and don't even ask me why there! *smirk* Actually I think I smeared by accident and it looked like a shadow so I left it) This book cover image is definitely going to be a Labor of Love - cause either I'm gonna love it or destroy it *haha*


See the Facebook Page for why he STILL has no hands and let me know if his new "Jetsons Shoes" look more like clown shoes than the other ones did. I hope not. He does have big feet (grin) and he's about 6'5" don't forget so the pants have to look too short, too small, too "wrong." That's also why there aren't any pockets on them now. Duh!!
Plus it was easier to draw boot legs with no pockets (yeah, that's the real reason, you know it! so sue me!)

What's Next....

ETA For Oct 3rd: For this coming Monday's Marketing post, don't forget I'll be discussing Laws 3+4 of Ries/Trout's 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Have you been reading along? Then you'll know that Law 3 states It's better to be first in the mind than in the marketplace. Check in Monday to find out what that means for Indie Authors.

ETA For Oct 4th:  Come back on Oct. 4th for the Tuesday Tip when I'll do a fly-through Hootsuite's publisher feature, complete with screen shots I created yesterday while doing the Freebie Friday tweeting schedule.

Shavua Tov l'kulam!

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