Saturday, September 3, 2011

SATURDAY SURPRISE i #amcartooning Yep #Cartooning Dicky Has Returned

I'm going to do some cartooning later a few writing related things to get done first but this afternoon, I definitely plan to add some deets to Dicky's shirt..maybe not hands. Still. Not yet *grin* We'll see. I'll post an update to the cartooning images by sunset...when Shabbat goes out ^_^

I was scheduled to do a Shabbat feature today for a woman with a book, the proceeds of which go to a charity that helps homeless families with children. Good cause, right? Happy to help, but it was like pulling teeth to get her to post the link to the book to my Webbiegrrl Writer Wall in the first place and now the link's gone! I have no clue what happened. I'm not even sure she actually posted to the Wall. I think ultimately it was in a comment somewhere. I have no clue where it went. I've searched back through a week--twice--and got nothing.

I'd still like to feature the charity so Lynn Hardy if you're out there, reading this, please do this:
  1. post a link to your book page to the Webbiegrrl Writer Wall
  2. do NOT post a link to a Facebook Page
  3. do NOT post a link to a twitter account
  4. do NOT post a link to anything OTHER than the book page
  5. do NOT post the link anywhere OTHER than the Wall of the Page
As I recall, we had a flurry of conversation going on in a long comment thread  wherein you posted about 5 different links to whoknowswhat all over the place (none of which appeared to be an Amazon page or a Smashwords page so I'm still not sure you ever did post the actual book page even in all of those comments).

The Webbiegrrl Writer Page is set up to allow fans to post links. I'm not sure what the problem is here but if that link ever shows up again, I'll be happy to do a feature to help the charity get some new revenue.

Just post a link to the book page. Treat me like a customer. If I can't figure out the charity from the book page like a customer would, there's something worse going on than the link not showing up on Facebook because of some quirk in Facebook's scripting.

I am offline for a bit folks. Had a really rough day yesterday. It's amazing what one toxic influence can do to a person's overall emotional health!

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