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Submissions for Freebie Friday (Sep 9) i #amwriting r u #reading?

Last weekend's holiday bonus went well, I think but this week we're back to the regular 3 free reads. If you'd like to get featured this Friday, read on. Most of the free reads are from Smashwords, but any books from any sites are welcome, so long as they'll be free on Friday, Sep 9, 2011.

The point of the Friday feature is to get the Indie Authors some exposure to a new audience (and to get my readers some free reads they'll enjoy) so I'm trying to feature books that are not only different from what I usually write, but also might be first novels or early works that are struggling to get a foot under them.

Because it's not fair to my readers to offer only novice material, I'll also try to mix in the occasional "best selling" Indie Author--or at least, Smasher with several extremely successful works, one of which is priced at "free." If no one with an established body of work submits a title, I'll go find one myself.

Sounds great! How do I join?

If you're a reader, come back Friday and choose the free eBook you want to read. Use the coupon code on Friday's post at checkout to get it at Zero Dollars ($0.00)

If you're an Indie Author, read on.

You need to have an English-language book that is located on the web somewhere my readers can click through to see a preview and/or download the complete file. The book needs to be priced at "free" or be free for a day on Friday or for any length of time that includes Friday.

Also, your "book" must be a completed work (no WIPs or partials please) and you must be the copyright owner to submit it, but it can be a collection of short stories, poetry or any genre of fiction. I even welcome non-fiction. Just be clear about where your book falls. If I read your description and/or sample, I reserve the right to edit my presentation of your book to note that your categorization doesn't, in my opinion, match your book's actual content. If I post a "bait and switch" for my readers, I (not you) will suffer for it so please play straight!

Entering the book

Type a comment on this post and be sure to tick the checkbox to follow the comment thread. I stress this so that I can be sure to have a means of reaching you should there be any questions about your entry. The deadline for submissions is Thurs. Sep 8 @ 1700hrs Eastern Time (USA). Please enter as early as possible - first come, first serve! Using either of the following options.

Option A - Smashers

Just give me your Smashwords book page's URL and if applicable, Smashwords coupon code. That's it. I'll get everything I need from the book's page myself--and I will click through to confirm your deets. I'll also test click the links before I post the blog and I'll test the coupon code Friday morning at oh-dark-thirty. Be sure you have all your ducks in a row, please.

Option B - Everyone Else  (EE)

In your comment, put:
  1. your book's title and your author/pen name
  2. your book's genre and approximate word count
  3. a URL to the book's page (please test it to be sure it works!)
  4. If your book does not have a cover, please provide a cover image (give me the URL of where the image is located online so I can link to it from my blog post without having to up/download anything). The image must match the book. You must be the copyright owner of the image and the book. Please do not provide me with images you do not have the rights to use.
  5. If your book requires a coupon or other method to make it be free, please provide the "free key" here.
To add multiple books, please use multple comments, one book +/or link per comment. If you post multiple links in one comment, you'll be considered to be spamming me. If Blogger doesn't filter you, I will. One book, one comment. Thanks!

Note: If you give me a broken link, no cover image, fail to provide a coupon code or otherwise leave information out before others have provided a complete entry, they are in line ahead of you. Again, first come, first serve and I only take 3 per weekly feature so as to make it enough of a spotlight feature on each of you and still benefit frmo the "group" experience.

Please make sure your book page is "ready for prime time" viewing as that's where I'll direct readers to get your book and you may (or may not) get a lot of traffic that day. Your #1 sales tool is your book cover image (which I'll use "as is") and your #2 sales tool is your book's description (which I reserve the right to edit for readability and space considerations).

How does this get exposure?

I'll give the blog exposure using all of the social media tools I can, but if you have any ideas of how to get further reach, please speak up--or just post the link somewhere you know wants to hear about free reads. I use Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon's KindleBlogs to reach readers. I would love to have new avenues (wouldn't we all?) but those seem to be the best and busiest paths.

Tweeting protocols

Since "strength in numbers" is only an effective marketing tool when we all participate, firstly, I would ask that you follow @webbiegrrl on Twitter. I'll probably follow you back so it's not a hardship on you, is it? *grin*

You'll get the auto-tweet on Friday when Networked Blogs feeds it through (just after 10am Eastern Time/USA) but I try to immediately do another tweet with better wording. In addition, I've just discovered Hootsuite's scheduler feature so I've started trying to schedule tweets throughout the day and evening, every couple of hours. I'll also try to schedule one tweet per author, "featuring" you, but please RT all of the tweets I blast on Fridays with the link to the blog. It's advertising for your book as well as the "featured" name in the tweet. Collective power only works when the Collective works together.

Please also ask your Tweeps to help you out by RT the blog link tweets. Everytime someone hits RT, all 3 of you get a new mention. I'll also reply to any @mentions you make with the blog link so if you want to "conveniently" have a conversation with me on Friday, please do so. Please keep the link "as is" so I can track it using Hootsuite's tracking features. I'll use the same link to the blog in all of my tweets on the feature.

To find all of my mentions of all of you (and the link) tweeted throughout the day and evening, just visit the @webbiegrrl stream on Twitter. I'll probably only have a few unrelated tweets going out, so it should be easy to see.

Other Social Media Blasts

Personally, I try to post the URL to the blog to as many of the indie author and Kindle reader groups as I have joined on Facebook, including the Smashwords FB Page, and I post in a few other reader groups that I belong to for added reach on Facebook. If you "like" the Webbiegrrl Writer Facebook Fan Page, or subscribe to this blog via Networked Blogs, you'll get the link in your newsfeed as though the blog is one of your FB friends. When you see the post, please click to "Share" it with your own Facebook friends (be sure to choose the thumbnail of your own book so it's noticeable to your peeps) and post it to any Facebook groups you belong to that welcome Indie Author links or are interested in hearing about new books to read.


On Goodreads, I belong to several Kindle and book-review related groups (and I'm joining more all the time). I've either created a thread where I post the link every week or will post a note if the group doesn't like to have us Indie Authors "camping out to promo books" in the group.

If you are a member of Goodreads, help the Collective by posting the link to the blog in your own Goodreads groups--or make your appearance on the blog a one-day-only "Goodreads event" using the blog's home URL ( as the "destination." Don't forget to advertise the event to your fans. You can also post a Goodreads blog entry on your Goodreads Author Page mentioning your appearance on the Webbiegrrl Blog. Make it a big deal and it will become one.

There are a lot of book blogs out there, and many invite Indie Authors to post notes about their books. Nearly all of them love to get free reads--who doesn't? If you have marketing ideas, please share them in a comment on this Submissions thread to let us all know we can do to get the word out further. Until the day that one appearance here makes a best-seller overnight, I know I can always improve my process! For now, I'm syndicated onto Facebook, Twitter and the Kindleblogs store at Amazon. Thanks for playing!

Now let's give away some books!


Tim said...


Fred Bubbers said... Coupon Code:WY79U

Milda Harris said...

I have two books:

Adventures in Funeral Crashing:
Coupon code:AW42D

The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body:
Coupon code:JQ94N

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Yay for submissions. Not sure why Google decided not to tell me about comments anymore but I just found these, you guys!

Are you guys ready for the Heidi Klum voice?

Tim, You are IN. You may leave the runway.

Fred Bubbers, haven't I seen you here before? :-) That's okay. It's been a while so You are IN. You may leave the runway.

Now Milda, you, m'dear did not read the instructions. One book per comment. Sorry. That's on purpose and it's not to be a total beeeyotch.

I'm going to stick to the rules to be fair to everyone who has managed to comply. I've had multiple submittals (via multiple comments) before; hence, I don't feel I can modify the rules "on the fly" this week. Plus you're #3 in line here (which you could see when you posted your books as the earlier comments arrived hours before yours) so you can only submit one more anyway.

Milda - Please choose one and only one title by just leaving another comment here telling me which one. You have until Thursday at 1700 hrs to do so.

If someone else comes and submits their (one) book correctly before you return, however, first come first served.

I did locate 2 freebies on the Kindle Top 10 I was thinking of including this week if I didn't get enough submissions, so if you'd prefer to have both of your books included as #1 and #2 next week, just let me know and I'll make an exception here to give you a double spot next week (Sep 16).

Man, I hope you ticked that checkbox like I told you to do! So few listen to that instruction (LOL)


D.C. Sargent said...

ENTANGLED by D.C. Sargent

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Arggghhhh... I just tweeted at Milda. Well, she did it to herself!

DC Sargent you are the next person who got a CORRECT entry into the comment thread so as Heidi sez, You are IN! You may leave the runway.

Milda, if you make it back here, tell me if you want the first 2 spots next week and they'll be yours. Put it into a comment here though 'cos by this time next week, I'll have totally forgotten but I always review the blog comments before I do anything else.

Milda Harris said...

Hahaha - thanks. I'm kind of bleary eyed from a 3 Day Novel weekend, so I missed it. And, next week is great. Sorry about the mistake.

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thank you for coming back, Milda. I can totally relate to bleary-eyed states of mind. Hey, I wonder how many of us are cruising around the net, mindlessly (LOL)

Milda, you are IN for NEXT week, Friday 16 Sep 2011 and with that,


Annie said...

Dragon Sister by Annie Oldham

Coupon Code: BS68J

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Annie, I could've sworn I posted this comment last night! I remember tweeting you afterwards (*puzzle puzzle*) You have missed this week's submissions but if you would like, you can be in the #3 slot for NEXT week (Friday 16 Sep) so please do not leave the runway yet.

(( I recall making that joke about not leaving the runway yet when I posted a comment last night. I'm NOT imagining things; Google's eating comments! ))

Also, please note your coupon code will have to be either extended (use the Coupon Mgr to do this) or a new one created. You'll have until Thurs 15 Sep to get me a code that'll work on Fri 16 Sep (if this same one will still be valid, please just post your comment here saying so though you might see random "sales" from it being here *wink*)