Friday, October 21, 2011

FREEBIE FRIDAY (Oct 21) #fridayreads #weekendgoodreads #freereads @StephenKata @Pagan_Paul

This week's Freebie Friday features some firsts: First Goodreads book, first Google book and first Canadian author, plus a repeat of a Halloween special because (another first time for me), I failed to properly promote the blog all day on Twitter last week and I feel guilty about it.

So the first "first" is the first Goodreads book I've featured (say that fast!) Renouncing the Future by Stephen Kata (@StephenKata) is a humorous scifi tale I suspect was inspired by one of my favorite cartoons growing up, the Mister Peabody and his Boy Sherman toons that ran with the always-amusing Fractured Fairytales.

A year and a half ago, a mysterious light seen streaking westward across the northern U.S., was explained away by the military. Now quirky things are happening in the little northern Minnesota town of Big Blue Falls. Sarah Anson has no idea that she is connected to these goings-on, or that her 13 year-old son Jeremy knows something about it. She is soon to find out, when James Noland and his dog turn her world upside down. For one thing, she never would have thought it possible that she could fall in love with a man a hundred years older than her.

This book is FREE to read via the Goodreads site (you will need to create an account on Goodreads in order to access this content), no special codes required.

Next up is the first repeat - the first in a series of humorous fantasy, and I think one of the first books by this author.  Hilda the Wicked Witch (approx. 21822 words) by Paul Kater (@Pagan_Paul) arrives just in time for the Halloween holiday!

This is the tale of Hilda, a fairy-land witch who gets transported to our world and struggles to go home. Sometimes, just a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but can magic conquer all?
Warning: Contains some strong language but all in fun.

This book is priced as FREE so no special code required. There is an entire series of Hilda books available from this author. Get the first one now and get hooked for Halloween!

The third book in this week's feature of firsts is a Google eBook by my first Canadian author, Lesley Fletcher. Her pre-K early reader, Hey, Angel! is a book for parents to read with their children and it was illustrated by the author with original water color paintings. Nice job, Lesley!

This is a Google eBook, and you can download a PDF free of charge, but you'll have to enter a CAPTCHA code (which Google generates "on the fly" when you get to the page; you don't get it here). If you have trouble getting the PDF to your Kindle or Nook, please contact the author directly via email ( for assistance. Be sure to tell her you saw the book offered here for free and want your free copy. It is also for sale at (not free).

What's Next....

Tomorrow evening, I shall definitely have another update to the ongoing project of Cartooning Dicky. Tomorrow is Simchat Torah, and of course, Shabbat, so after the sun sets, all good things will come to an end....well, not all but many ^_^

Sadly, one of the things ending is the free offer of Dicky's Story, which has been downloaded (free) nearly 600 times since September 28th!! Thank you, everyone! I really hope some of you are actually reading it and I look forward to hearing what those of you who industrious enough to write a review at Smashwords, Amazon or Goodreads have to say about the book. Like all authors, I just squeee everytime someone writes a review because it means my art touched them enough they took the time and effort to tell me about it. Even the negative reviews (which I haven't actually gotten yet but one's bound to show up eventually! I already got a hater who did not read the book but rated it a "1" just to break my perfect 5-star rating)

If you haven't gotten your copy of my Jewish Inspirational / Romantic Comedy Coming Home (Dicky's Story) yet, click here to get it free at Smashwords. Shabbat Shalom l'kulam. See you tomorrow!

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