Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Google+ Refusing Service to Webbiegrrl Writer

So Google has finally decided that Webbiegrrl Writer is not a valid name (despite my using it for about 6 years now) and they are threatening to either disable my account (which is attached to my primary author email and Webbiegrrl Blog and Twitter account and other accounts) OR I can leave Google+ (which I haven't particularly liked or used) In fact, I've HATED the "plus" aspects of Google ever since G+ came out.

So guess which I'm choosing?

Yeah, it's a no-brainer to kill the Google+ part of my Google/Gmail/Blogger life. I only hope that disabling Google+ is an option which still allows me access to the rest of my established webbiegrrl persona or else, as they say, we're going to have a failure to communicate.

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yehoni said...

I know you've never really been a Google fan, but this is a highly publicized policy on Google+. Real names only. They've gone as far as saying if you don't want to use your real names, don't use the service (Eric Schmidt really doesn't know where the line is sometimes). The policy's controversial, but it's not a shock that you had this problem.

Fortunately, others have found ways to work with it if you want to keep Google+. Check out The Oatmeal's page.


He used his real name, with his public persona appearing underneath, so it's still searchable on every post.