Saturday, October 15, 2011

SATURDAY SURPRISE #Cartooning #Dicky Update #cartoon

So the more I touch this cartoon, the sexier he gets (LOL) Okay, I'm just being lewd now, aren't I? But it's fun, and he is getting pretty darn sexy, you have to admit.

He's also getting pretty close to looking like a finished product. He is now "leaning" which is nearly as good as "twisting" to look over his shoulder and he's got nearly all of the requisite piece-parts.

I've gotten a lot of shading, proportions corrected and position tweaked. His shoes still look funky to me (right shoe totally screams "clown shoe" to me!) and the trousers look "wrong" in some places and *ahem* way too right in others (hee hee) It was majorly distracting, let me tell you, because I was zoomed WAY in to sketch out the left arm and hand.

The left hand is better but the mere fact it exists is a major accomplishment for me so I'm quitting while I'm ahead. I'll do more shading/depth on it next time--after I copy it just in case ;-) The shirt has some nice stress marks but not the right kind mostly because I can't decide on how I want the front opening to look and of course, that'll influence how it hangs/pulls across his chest. That'll be next sitting, too.

The right hand....that's going to be the hardest thing of all, since I want him clutching a Kippah which is just a piece of cloth but it needs to still sort of resemble a Kippah. I think it'll just be a piece of black cloth. Anyone got a photo of a right hand in vaguely that position they want to send me so I can trace it? I don't need your arm or shirtsleeve, just your hand ^_^

What's Next....

The next Monday Marketing topic is Law 8: the Law of Duality from the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. See you then!


Jenn said...

LOL, epic.
I'm not one for facial hair though.
But he does indeed look VERY promising ;)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thanks, Jenn, but as a Texas Long-Hair, you are honor-bound to love facial hair (LOL) Plus, the only reason for not loving facial hair on a man is that you have not yet instructed him on the proper use of it (hee hee hee)