Saturday, October 29, 2011

SATURDAY SURPRISE #Cartooning #Dicky - The Hands Project

So I had a fun, if time-intensive day today. I want to update the left hand of the Dicky cartoon. I'd posted this update to the Dicky cartoon project after using one of David Kawena's cartoons (Milo) as a model but then decided the left hand hanging there at his side didn't match the "motion" of the image.

He's supposed to be twisting around to look over his shoulder, after hearing something, and his left hand wouldn't be hanging at his side that way.

I knew the pose I wanted, sort of: his left arm slightly bent at the elbow, his hand sort of bent back at the wrist, fingers in a "surprised" level of splaying. I could see it but couldn't draw it out of my head. So today, I took a bunch of pictures of my left hand then pulled them into Photoshop and erased out all of the background/fill so I could trace them.

I still need to redraw his left arm (bent) but have the hand choices narrowed down to two "poses" (posted to my Facebook Page and below).


I think I like pose #2 better because it has more "motion" and character to it. What do you think?

Even though this took all day to get to this point, I started with nothing and have two new hands from which to choose so I think I want to do this method for the right hand as well. Problem is getting the photo of my right hand holding a piece of cloth might be harder than it was to get the left hand.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to be a "hand model" and pose for Dicky's right hand, please let me know! Ideally, I need a right hand holding a Kippah, but just holding/clenching (loosely) a piece of cloth would suffice because I plan to adjust stuff in Photoshop anyway. Forex, I still need to alter the hand shape a bit more. My hands are long and slender but I wanted Dicky's hands to be...thicker than my lady hands :-) hee hee Mostly, what I need though is the palm-facing view of the right hand holding some small piece of fabric (which would look totally different than holding something hard, like a coffee mug, forex).

I really wish I didn't have to work a day job! I could get this kind of thing done a lot faster if I didn't have to stop just as soon as I get going. It's sooooo frustrating working like this (not just on the drawing, on the writing and editing, too!) In any case, this artwork is going to be fabulous once I'm done with it!

What's Next....

I'm up (late) tomorrow at about 0500 and off to the day job all day then Monday before I head into the day job we'll have a Marketing blog on Immutable Law 10: Law of Division. It's a good one! Hope to see you then.


Webbiegrrl Writer said...

I just found this "shirt" which is not perfect (for Dicky's collarless shirt) but is in nearly exactly the pose (arms) I want to do! Awesome!

Cambria said...

I like #2 as well! Like you said it has more motion. It might have been a long day but it was time well spent!! Congrats!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

thanx cambria. i think i'm going tomreally like it when it's all saod and done...just gonna take a while to get there!