Saturday, October 22, 2011

SATURDAY SURPRISE SciFi Snippet at Authonomy

Yep, it's another surprise! I didn't do any Dicky cartooning this weekend because I was wholly focused on editing the SciFi stuff. It was well-worth the investment of time because I got over 7,000 words edited (I'd only slated myself to get half that much done!) Actually, I wrote about 5,000 new words and deleted about 4,000 old words and only edited a couple of thousand in between, but the net effect is a new chapter to upload to Authonomy a little later this evening.

Rather than tossing you the chapter in the blog post (and the emails that go out), I'd like to direct your attention to the fact that all of the chapters are available to read for free on Authonomy. You don't even have to register to read them (unless you want to leave a comment; then you have to create an account but it's just an email address and password adn voila! you can leave comments).

I'd particularly recommend reading the chapter titled "the mad scientist." Why? Because it's hilarious--and after that chapter, the story just clicks right along with one thing after another. You won't be able to put it down again!

What's Next....

Monday's Marketing blog will be another entry in the ongoing 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing series, looking at Law 9: Duality next time! See you then!

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