Friday, October 7, 2011

Webbiegrrl Blog Closed for the Holiday #YomKippur #Jewish iHolidays

In deference to the holiest of Holy Days on the Jewish calendar I'm going to close the Webbiegrrl Blog this Shabbat and observe Yom HaKippurim. The blog will be here and you'll still be able to access everything but I won't be checking in until after the Hag (holiday) is over. That's after sunset on Saturday. Since I'm up at 0400 on Sunday for the day job, I probably won't be posting anything Saturday night either.

Webbiegrrl's Writings will resume as normal with another Monday Marketing blog in the 22 Immutable Laws series.

For those of you not observing the Jewish High Holy days (and still wanting your freebie weekend reads, please visit the Smashwords catalog or get some great suggestions of free and bargain buys from Pixel of Ink.

Freebie Friday will resume next week. If you'd like to submit your book for the Friday, Oct 14 feature, please click here. I'll reply to the comment thread as soon as I can (possibly Saturday night).

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