Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog on Hiatus 4 "the" Holidays (well SOMEONE's holidays)

It always gets me that Americans talk about "the" holidays like there's only one set of holidays in the whole wide world. I'm Jewish, not Christian, so my holidays were months ago, back in September/October. I gave away my Jewish Inspirational / Romantic Comedy free for "the" holidays--my holidays ;-)

I'm also pretty sure that Muslims in the US are not actually celebrating "the" holidays with the Christians (though Muslims have a busier holiday season than even us Jews!)

I do, however, realize I live and work in a Christian country, so I am living La Vida Loca in "the" holiday season even though it's not my holiday season. It's kind of a ripoff. I come to this conclusion every year and it always amazes me as though it's news. Then I have to laugh at myself for not remembering the stress is universal and not religion-specific. Everyone gets to "enjoy" the holidays here. It's the law! Okay, stop laughing. This is serious. Books are at stake! ^_^

My day job is working in a grocery store so the Christian holiday season is making my life crazy-busy and totally unpredictable right now. I really need these 2 weeks off instead of crazy-busy so it's a double-whammy ripoff! Why? I'm trying to get my first book finished, edited and released.

Conditioned Response was scheduled for a December 31, 2011 release but due to the craziness of the Christian holidays pre-empting my plans on a daily basis, I've had to push the release date back repeatedly and now it's "sometime in January, 2012." To say the least, I'm feeling a little frazzled these days. Since I cannot cancel "the" (Christian) holidays -- the US economy would collapse if I tried! -- I have to focus on eliminating stressors that I can control. Right now, that's this blog.

Sorry but I'm going to put the blog on hiatus for the next two weeks. That means no posting until after New Year's for those of you who don't know what "hiatus" means (smirk) I'll setup Hootsuite's Scheduler to tweet links to past Monday Marketing blogs or Tuesday Tips while the blog is quiet and I'll start blogging again after New Year's.

See you in 2012!


Eileen Schuh: said...

Is Hanukkah not a Jewish holiday? Muslims do believe in Jesus (and Moses), they just also believe the Prophet Muhammad appeared after Jesus did. They celebrate the Islamic New Year and Ashura in December. And not all Christians celebrate Christ's birth in December. Our Ukrainian community celbrated Christmas this past weekend.

And of course 'pagans' celebrate the winter solstice around Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Eileen,

No, actually, Hanukkah is not an official Jewish holiday. It is only here in the US that the Christianization of a Jewish "fable" got turned into some kind of Jewish "imitation" of Christmas--and as far as I know, the imitation is actually of "xmas" the commercialized holiday for "Santa" not the actual celebration of an entity referred to as Jesus Christ who is allegedly regarded as the religion's Saviour.

I know I sound really hostile about the whole thing, but I truly despise duplicity, the two-facedness and the false "kindness" that only happens for the one month a year leading up to Dec 25th. If Christians were actually BEING the way the New Testament describes and instructs them to BE, I'd be thrilled--the world would be an amazing place!

Sadly, instead, I actually heard more than one person on television stating--with a serious face, NOT as a comedy skit--that they were "telling the story of Christmas, how Santa Claus lives at the North Pole..." and my stomach turned. THIS is America

As for Muslims, having lived in the Middle East among them for four years, I can state unequivocably that NO they do NOT "believe in Jesus" as you say. There is no "Jesus" in the Q'uran and I have read that Sacred Text, too (in addition to my own religion's and the Christian religion's)

The way you cavalierly dismiss the beliefs of Islam as "they just also believe" is pretty much MORE insulting than calling Hanukkah a religious observance simply because it makes Christians feel better to think "everyone shares" their holiday. Sorry, but that holiday "season" was the Christian holiday season and definitely NOT something Jews OR Muslims celebrate. The fact it is called THE holidays by Americans is illustrative of where the offensive behavior begings. It is bigoted and self-absorbed, not "sharing."

As for Pagans, it was THEIR holiday season before the Christians appropriated it, but I am not as familiar with Pagan rituals nor is there one SINGLE Sacred Text to which to refer. There are several Pagan religions--not one of them practices the worship of anything/anyone called Jesus Christ. That's a Christian concept/god and ONLY Christian. Calling it someone else's won't make it true, just makes it a more insulting lie.

I have spent considerable time immersed in Christianity, attended an Evangelical Church--AS A JEW (sadly the first "one of them" some of those people had ever met!!)--and learned from the inside just how it is supposed to be.

Christian American is NOT very Christian if you ask me. Christian America likes to talk the talk NOT walk it. My #1 favorite quote (and song by Michael whatisname) is "Live the life--and if you must, use words."