Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TUESDAY TIP New Facebook App: If I Die - Sends Msgs From Beyond the Grave

Yeah, I'm being a little morbid here. I came home from working the day job Saturday and, unbeknownst to me, had picked up a bug which gave me a fever 4 degrees above normal and all of that "aching, fever, stuffy head, can't breathe, so you can't rest" for which there is no medicine but bed rest. My fever started to break yesterday (went down to 1.5 degrees above normal) but I'm still feeling like death warmed over, so I figured this would make an a propos posting. Plus it's kind of interesting. Click through the jump-break if you're into Facebook apps.

If not, that's okay. Join in this weekend for another #SciFiSaturday on Twitter. Come tweet about your favorite science fiction treats, from books to movies and TV shows. Hey, #Fringe is about to relaunch a new season. Can't. Wait. It's going to be almost as awesome as the 6-episode half-season of #Archer coming Jan 19. Yes, I have my TV addictions and they are silly but fierce.

So you're into morbid Facebook apps, huh? Glad to know it! haha. This isn't a game, though, just in case you were wondering. I'm sure it'll get abused and treated like a joke by some of the tens of millions of Facebook users but the fact is, If I Die is an actual Facebook app which was really and truly designed to send out messages for someone after they've departed this life. I first read about here, in a Mashable article. It sounded like a prank but then places like AdWeek started covering it as actual news. Okay, as quirky bizarre news, but still, AdWeek doesn't post about social media pranks unless they're marketing strategies. This isn't. This is a real app developed to meet a real need. Click through the Mashable article to read about its origins, the reasons for its inception.

People have been leaving recorded messages for children or friends to hear/view/read after their death for some time now. This is just one more variant of that, but the nifty thing about this one is it involves a less-formal verification stage than having some attorney file a Last Will with the Probate Court. Since the probate laws vary from country to country, and the internet is, well, international, it seems like this system of having 3 friends verify your death might work better than the legal system. Or at least, more quickly and efficiently, assuming your friends continue to use Facebook after you die.

What's Next....

I promise to have an actual tip next Tuesday, not an amusing curiosity like this but no clue what it'll be! Probably a new Twitter tip since I've been noticing a lot of interesting behaviors connected to my Twitter activity.

Hope to see you this Saturday on Twitter for the 3rd #SciFiSaturday - Marjorie "Friday" Baldwin (@phoenicianbooks) will be online until 11am EST (then it's back to the day job with me--erm, her.)

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