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TUESDAY TIP (Belated) Advanced #Twitter Searching in #Hootsuite Pro @Hootsuite #pubtip #indie #promo

Today is Sunday, not Tuesday. You are not in a time machine :) I simply got so caught up in the midst of my first book release, I actually forgot to post the blog here! (eep). I apologize for the missed blog this past Tuesday and feel compelled to make up for it now, before beginning my upcoming series of new Tuesday Tips on how to use Hootsuite Pro!

On the other side of the jump break,  find the missing Advanced Searching Techniques blog I promised you last week. Coming up this next Tuesday will be my first impressions and attempts at using the powerful features unlocked in the Pro version of HootSuite. I've just upgraded today so I have to learn it from Page One myself. I'm in the initial (free) 30-day trial period from now until the Tuesday before Memorial Day. Come learn with me.

As noted, I just released my first SciFi book so I was pre-occupied last Tuesday being glued to Goodreads and Facebook--and that also means this particular 30-day period in my Twitterlife is going to be critical for me, as an Indie Author.

Be sure to join me every Tuesday for the next month in my promotional journey of using Hootsuite Pro to launch my first book. I'll be learning to master the new tools unlocked in the Hootsuite Pro upgrade, so you can attend "school" with me.

 This next month's worth of blog posts will be added to my Twitter Series, (soon to become an eBook you can buy for offline reference); but I'll also include how to use Hootsuite Pro to schedule status updates to Facebook, Linked In and other social networks--because unlimited social network accounts is one of the prime features of the Pro upgrade!

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Twitter Advanced Search
One of the hardest things to learn on Twitter is how to get around, how to find things of interest to read or say, and how to find people. It's hard to learn how to really use the site instead of waiting for the Twitterverse to "use" you. For a lot of us, we can't think of what to say so we use retweets (RTs) as a way to make our stream more interesting to our followers, but then you're limited to RT'ing the people you already follow. To be blunt, they might not be all that interesting every single day. I follow a lot of authors (because we do the reciprocal author follow thing) and honestly, I'm drowning in promo links.

It'd be nice to find interesting content to RT to your followers without having to follow a bazillion people who only say one interesting thing a month in between all the "Buy my book!" tweets (if you haven't watched that video already, you have to check it out now. I'll wait.) All done? Then read on, MacDuff. Twitter Advanced Search is here.

Using the Prefab Form
If you're using the web site to do your tweeting, get to the advanced search here:!/search-advanced and you'll see this screen (click to enlarge):

Just fill in the form (the fields are called "parameters") and click "Search" to do some sophisticated searching. You can manually type these same sophisticated search parameters into the Hootsuite search box (or frankly, from any tweeting tool you choose but why would you choose something other than Hootsuite? It's fun, easy to use and easy to customize--and this is from someone who's been using the free version less than a year!)

Tailoring Your Search
So, how do these sophsticated search strings help your simple little self find interesting content to share on Twitter? Well, what mood are you in? Pick the first thing that pops into your head. Guaranteed, someone on Twitter is tweeting about it - maybe a lot of someones. ^_^

Let's say you want to search for Justin Timberlake. I don't think about him much but as eye candy goes, he's not a hardship to ponder. But try searching for Justin Timblake and you'll find out that all you're getting is a flood of Justin Bieber fans. Being a NonBelieber, you might like to search for Justins on Twitter who are not Beliebers.

You can combine search parameters to help guarantee the Bieber fans don't rain their tweets on your Timberlake. Just group the first and last name together and literally "minus off" the other guy. (Note, I actually like Justin Bieber, though not a big fan of his music, and I like JT but can't imagine searching for him on Twitter). Here's how to get your JT rocks without the JB knocks:

"Justin Timberlake" -Bieber -Belieber

That should give you all kinds of JT news without any of the tween noise. Or if you're interested in finding JT's own tweets, assuming you know what his real Twitter handle is (there are about 50 fakes but his validated original is ) you can just search for his tweets and his alone. First use the string above to find out that he's , then enter the following in the search box:


That should return to you a page full of noise. I mean tweets. Well, same difference.

Where to Find More Parameters
Hootsuite's Help on Advanced Searching mentions an undocumented parameter called "filter." I say undocumented because I can't seem to find any data on it in the help pages for the Official Twitter Search nor is it one of the form fields in the Official Twitter Advanced Search screen. It's not even on the list of "operators" (aka, parameters) on the popup screen of the Official Twitter Advanced Search.

(Click the following image to enlarge the screenshot I took of the complete list of parameters)

The only example of using "filter" that Hootsuite's help gives is to filter in links by searching like this (here, we are searching for rainbows and want tweets with links to them ;-))

rainbows filter:links

To use the filter: for anything else...I'm clueless. As of right now. However, I promise to find out how this works, what else I can put after the "filter:" and how exactly I filter out, rather than in. I've been asking for a way to filter things "out" of my stream (forex, see my stream except for everyone on a certain list I've created). So far, no one thinks it's possible. I'm positive, in my gut, this "filter:" parameter makes it possible. Just gotta figure out how to do the syntax right. I'll be back as the Ahnold sez.

What's Next....
As I said, this coming Tuesday's Tip will begin a new series of Twitter how-to's for using Hootsuite Pro, as I learn what to do and what to avoid doing. My next blog post, however, will be on Monday, finally wrapping up the new Positioning for Indie Authors Series.

I'll then be taking a Monday off (no blog post on Monday, 7) before beginning the new "22 Immutable Laws of Branding for Indie Authors" marketing series on Monday, May 14th. Guess where I'm going to get ideas for that one? LOL.

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