Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TUESDAY TIP 8 Tips for Promoting Your Book w/KDP Select + Everywhere Else (Links via @Ruth_Nestvold) #promo #pubtip #indie #myWANA #IAN1 #WLC

A fellow Indie Author, Ruth Nestvold, has written a phenomenally comprehensive list of "things to do and places to go" whenever you have a book in the KDP Select program going on one of the 5 "free promo days" that are part of that program. I won't repeat all the links in today's Tuesday Tip because why reinvent the wheel? Click here to read Ruth's original blog post with all the clicky links.

Instead, my post will filter out the links and the lists of "where to post about your free Kindle book" and focus on the activities. I'll discuss 3 different kinds of special promo events you can do because, really, it's important to publicize any promotional event, not just "free days at Kindle." Sorry, Amazon, but you are not the only game in town. Then I'll discuss 8 ways to promote your event. Click through the jump-break to start now.

Monday, May 28, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Branding (for Indie Authors) Laws 3+4 When Publicity + Advertising Had a Baby #pubtip #indie #promo #myWANA

  some image rights reserved by Paulo Brandã
Welcome to my new series on Branding for Indie Authors. Over the course of this series, I'll help you understand what branding is and how to choose that one word that best describes your brand.

If you missed the introductory post, please review it now for the definition of branding: A brand is an idea in the mind of the consumer. The power of a brand lies in its ability to influence purchasing decisions. It is your brand that influences, not your promotional tweets or advertising budgets.

Today's blog looks at how Publicity and Advertising play different, but inextricably-linked, roles in the birthing and growing of your Brand. Law 3 (Law of Publicity) states that The birth of a brand is realized through publicity, not advertising. Law 4 (Law of Advertising) states that Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy. It's kind of like a mother giving birth and the father providing the means by which to grow the child to adulthood. It's next to impossible for one person to do both things (which is why single mothers don't get nearly enough credit!)

If you're new to business, as an Indie Author, you might not really understand what the difference is between Publicity and Advertising. That's okay. I'll explain. Click through the jump-break to start learning these tools of your new trade: the business of publishing books.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TUESDAY TIP 3 Tips for Auto-Tweeting in #Hootsuite using @BulkSchedule @toonopolis #pubtip #indie #myWANA

This week's Tuesday Tip probably has more packed into its one picture than all my words words. But let's dwell on the words anyway because we're Indie Authors and words are the lifeblood of our Muse, right? Hey, don't kill my Muse :) I'm following up today on my previous fly-through of bulk-scheduling tweets with the free Bulk Uploader tool from Patrick Maciel, an Indie Developer of phone apps who lent his skills to this much-needed cause. He's seeking additional "Beta Testers" so get the tool now and start using it tonight.

Using Patrick's tool is as easy as using Microsoft Excel (or easier!) What's gonna slow you down is that you still have to have to write the content. Last week, I did a Tip on how to write promo tweets, or headlines that work. The follow up is a simple tip that should seem obvious but for some reason, isn't--or not to all of us. It wasn't something I thought to do right away.

Big Tip of the Day: Start a file to Save All Your Tweets--even the bad ones!
Whatever you do, collect and preserve and reuse all of your best tweets--and keep the bad ones. You might find yourself figuring out how to edit them next week or next month--or making a joke of it next year. Never tweet and forget about it.

If you see a lot of RTs or replies or click-throughs on a specific tweet, capture that text (in your XLS file, the one you're using with the free Bulk Uploader tool) and be sure to schedule it again. If the RT rate declines the next time you use it, try tweaking it for freshness. Play with your tweets ^)^

If you can manage to collect 100 or more tweets in a file, you can tweet 7 days a week, every week, automatically, without ever "having" to compose another one of those dreaded 140-character sales pitches. Obviously, you'll want to compose new tweets from time to time--if nothing else, to quote your best reviews--but click through the jump-break for 3 tips on how to fully-exploit the ones you already have at your fingertips.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Branding 1-2 Expansion + Contraction, A Lifecycle #pubtip #promo #indie #myWANA #IAN1 #WLC

  some image rights reserved by Paulo Brandã
Welcome to my new series on Branding for Indie Authors. Over the course of this series, I'll help you figure out just who you are and what one word best describes your brand. That's why I'm using this lovely picture of a statue full of jumbled letters taken in Zaragoza, Spain as the icon for this series. We Indie Authors are full of words and lost letters, aren't we?

Last week, in the introductory post, I gave you the definition of branding: A brand is an idea in the mind of the consumer. The power of a brand lies in its ability to influence purchasing decisions. It is your brand that does that, not your promotional tweets or advertising budgets. Your consumers buy your book instead of mine because they want your brand of storytelling. Click through the jump-break to start learning how to create that powerful brand that is "you."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Start Selling Today: How to Write Promo Tweets (for Indie Authors) #Twitter #indie #pubtip #promo #myWANA #IAN1 #WLC

Today's Tuesday Tip is going to try to advise you on how to write those much-hated promo tweets. You know the ones I mean, the sales pitches to readers that you hope will get them to click through to your book page and ultimately buy the book.

First of all, understand that separation of tweet and sale. The tweet's sole purpose is to get the reader to click through to the book page. Stop. That's all the tweet is supposed to do. You cannot sell a book from a tweet anymore than you can get hired from a resume. Or it's rare. Focus your tweets on getting a click to the book page and focus your book page on getting the sale. Don't try to skip steps.

On the other side of the jump-break, I'll revisit some material covered early on in my Twitter Series. In the article (ironically) titled The Headline IS The Story, I briefly discussed writing those magical 140-character sales pitches. Now I can apply nearly one-year's worth of tweeting experience (if not expertise) and share my lessons learned. Click through to see why I haven't chosen to write a "better" headline than the one on this blog/tweet (haha)

Monday, May 14, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Branding, Meet Indie Authors - Authors, Meet UR New Best Friend, Branding #pubtip #branding #indie #promo #IAN1 #myWANA #WLC

  some image rights reserved by Paulo Brandã

Welcome to my new series on Branding for Indie Authors. Over the course of the next several weeks, I'll help you figure out just who you are and what one word best describes your brand.

In case you haven't read through my previous series, 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (for Indie Authors), you may want to read through the series now. I'm currently editing that series into an eBook you'll be able to buy soon for offline reading and easy reference.

In the meantime, at least review the Law of Focus (Law 5) and the Law of the Mind (Law 3) because they are at the heart of the branding activity.

Branding, in turn, is the most important objective of the entire marketing process, which gives us the first definition of the series Marketing is the building of a brand in the mind of the prospect. 

How? Through focus, through limiting yourself to one unique, defineable concept (one word) that speaks for who you are as an Indie Author. Click through the jump-break now to learn more.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Using #Hootsuite to BulkSchedule Days Worth of Tweets (Revisited) @BulkSchedule #pubtip #twitter #autotweet #bot

Last week, I went off all happy and spry after I posted my Tuesday Tip on using Hootsuite Pro to Bulk Schedule massive amounts of tweets in minutes. I foolishly believed I'd just follow my own instructions and have 3-5 days worth of tweets uploaded in 3-5 minutes. Not. Making the stupid CSV file work was driving me insane!!

Enter Patrick (@BulkSchedule) maker of the fine, FREE app Hootsuite Bulk Upload. I wish his TwitterID matched his web site address but then, he's better-known as Hootsuite's Small Miracle Worker anyway ^_^ Click through the jump-break to learn why.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Welcome to #HootSuite Pro #Twitter tools You Can Use #indie #promo #pubtip #positioning #marketing @MelissaConway1 @beccataylor

Welcome to a new Tuesday Tips series on how to get the most out of your upgrade from Hootsuite (the free version is awesome but not saucy like the Pro version, which is magical).

Hootsuite Pro will feel like someone's definitely delivered you into the hands of a wizard. Begin waving that wand now, Mister Wizard! It's absolutely worth the $5.99 a month to upgrade--I can say that with certainty and I've just started my free trial!

I started using the free version of Hootsuite about 6-8 months ago was immediately convinced that the Hootsuite Pro features would be worth the money. I've just been waiting to have the money to pay for it every month. It's not a lot, six bucks a month, but I wanted to have a book out and let the writing pay for its own tools. I only need to sell one book a month to pay for Hootsuite Pro and I've already sold significantly more than that in the first week after releasing my first SciFi Thriller, so I'm ready!

Today I'll talk about doing the thing Indie Authors seem to want most on Twitter: bulk-scheduling of days upon days worth of tweets to be sent out automatically while we are off doing more important things. You know, like writing another book--or at least another blog? Click through the jump-break to get started.