Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coming Home to the Final Stretch of #Cartooning Dicky still FREE at http://bit.ly/DickyStory #Jewish #inspirational #RomCom #Smashwords


Update: I keep finding things to update, clean up, add and tweak. Plus I need to finish the right hand and keepah! Scroll down to see the current update.

I'm getting so close now! I've added trim to his shirt (edit: I've added more ;-)) but I'm still not sure how (or even *if*) I want to do the front closure...might just leave it plain, like "hidden velcro" or something. (edit: actually it's already done, scroll down to see) You never know, this story is set in the future after all ;-) hey, that's my excuse and I think I'm sticking to it (get it? stickin? velcro? Yeah, I'm a little slap-happy after working at the pixel level on this guy).

I am actually close enough now that I can believe it's possible to have this done for a relaunch on August 1st! He just needs to be holding a keepah (the hardest thing for me to draw is fabric, could you have guessed?) (edit: I have the keepah outline sketched but need to fix up the hand holding it and make the fabric "fold" like fabric does when "clutched" - that alone could take 3 days!)

Once I get him drawn, the fonts will take minutes and that's it! Well, I'll probably reconsider the hardback option since I've had well over 100 requests for one and now, I'll have halfway decent cover art to put on it ^)^ I might even start marketing the book *gasp* What a concept! 

Don't forget that Dicky's Story is free all this month at Smashwords. Until midnight (Pacific Time) on July 31, 2012 you can get your FREE copy by clicking here  (http://bit.ly/DickyStory). As a "paying" customer (use the "SSWIN" coupon code to "pay" $0.00 for it),  you'll be entitled to a free update when the new artwork is released.

Edited as of July 26th....


This has bee updated yet again and you can see the July 29th version on the Webbiegrrl Writer Facebook Page but I'm determined to get the new cover laid out and ready to reissue the whole book on Wed. August 1st.

Look for it here:
(free until 7/31)

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