Monday, July 16, 2012

The Ongoing Saga of Cartooning Dicky: One hand down, one to go! #Jewish #inspirational #romantic #comedy #ebook #free

So last October (yeah, in 2011) I started trying to cartoon a new left hand for Dicky. I'd done this one but wanted to "tilt" the hand up to give it more expression. So finally, after 9 months, this baby is done. Compare it to the October version. Doesn't it look better with his hand up? Yeah, pretty much the same but I like it better. Click the image to see a larger version.

But wow! It takes me foooorrrreevvvverrrrrr to cartoon! I'm not bad at it, but I sure take a while. Part of the problem is I am a compulsive perfectionist. Another part of the problem is I'm not cartooning as much as I am drawing - big difference is that in cartooning "less is more" rules every line and stroke whereas in drawing "devil's in the details" can make or break your art. Anyway, I might have to do some more "stress marks" on his shirt but I'm going to keep it simple, like this, for the sake of expediting this cover art.

All I have left now is to draw a bent right arm with a right hand holding a sort of half-crumpled keepah (the little black skullcap he's holding in Chapter 20 when he hears the little voice, not his own, and turns his head like this ^)^ I do so like that I have actually drawn the instant in that scene! So kewel to finally get one image out of my head. Only took me 51 years (haha) Okay, I drew my first picture (not counting writing my name 100 times on the wall in multiple colors of crayon at age 3) around at age 4 or 5 so probably only 40 some odd years to get here but still.... wow.

Edited: I've gotten started on the right arm and am using a photo of me holding a winter hat as a "mockup model" for sketching the keepah. I promise it will turn into a proper Black Coat keepah ^)^ Also cleaned up the left elbow (location was too high) and added some nice "action lines" for that "moving hair" and the tassels. It's starting to come together!

Not a clue if I can get that right arm done by August 1st however, once I do, I can slap some "fun font" text on there and I'm good to go with a new cover and re-release of Coming Home (Dicky's Story). At that point, when I relaunch, the price is going up to $5.99 so get it now while the getting's good.

For now, and the entire month of July, it is FREE at Smashwords, as part of the annual site-wide Summer/Winter blowout sale. I hope you'll get a copy either free or for pay. It's a fun, fun story of a Jewish faith walk. Not your usual "Inspirational Romance."

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