Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TUESDAY TIP I hate spiders but I'd suffer the buggy for this iPhone! #techtoys (via @mashable + Ciccarese Design))

Okay, anyone who's known me more than 5 minutes knows I have a cheapo Android smartphone from Cricket and I hate it, despite being practically surgically connected to it like it's my virtual lifeline. You know, like this:

Okay, not exactly like that but would that I could! More to the point, would that my smartphone was smart enough to grab my wrist and hang on by itself...then again, the spider factor is kind of yuck. (Browse through all of Ciccarese's spidery iPhone visualizations here.) People who've met me in real life know, any bug that crawls into my pervue for more than 2.5 seconds is dead meat. Any bug. Any time. I am as fast (or arguably, faster) than your average housecat--and just as lethal. I hate bugs. Spiders included.

I would tolerate the spider-ness here because I have lusted after an iPhone since they first came out. I mean, I got a Droid from Cricket (another foul bug) so obviously the bug aspect is something I can get over to enjoy my techtoys. Of course I only opted for the Cricketphone because it was cheap cheap cheap (like me). This imaginary iPhone would not be cheap - hey, it'd be from Apple, let's not forget. They don't know how to spell cheeeep.

Federico Ciccarese has a lot of eloquent Apple design ideas here. It's fun just to browse through his mind on that blog. For instance, it's rumored (here on MacRumors) that Apple will actually come out with this smaller 7.85" iPad Ciccarese visualized to battle Amazon's Kindle Fire. Federico thought it first ^)^  Which would you prefer? An Amazon/Google/Droid tablet you get pre-configured to do Amazon and only Amazon OR a lightweight iPad that can do Amazon and everyone else, too? Uh, yeah, I'm gonna have to go with the iPad. My all-time favorite eToy EH-VAH!

I especially like the OneMoreFace project (Ciccarese's Intellectual Property design is for sale)

What's Next....
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