Monday, September 17, 2012

Dicky's Story reduced to 99c for the holidays using Smashwords coupon code GF94E

My Jewish Inspirational / Romantic Comedy, Dicky's Story, is reduced to 99c at Smashwords using coupon code GF94E at checkout (valid Sep 16 to Sep 26). Get Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, and other formats all for the same "purchase" (with the coupon code).

Also, because I'm a member of RABMAD (Read a Book, Make a Difference), I'll donate 10% of my proceeds to Abolish Child Trafficking (A.C.T.). Click here to learn more about RABMAD & A.C.T.

Dicky's Story is a classic RomCom wrapped around a deliberately-obvious faith walk. It's a Jewish faith walk, which is unusual, because we don't tend to talk this way, but there is no mystery here. The Hero will get the girl. He will "find G-d." Dicky's journey is more important than his decision to choose to be chosen. The unexpected fun and laughter you have watching Dicky stumble along the way is what will keep you turning the pages of this book. It's a long book, but trust me, when readers keep saying it went quickly or they couldn't put it down, they aren't kidding. Dicky is someone I loved being around while writing this; the time flew having this much fun reading it. I just wish I were this funny in REAL life :-)

They say when God closes a door, He opens a window, so what happens when it all comes crashing down on top of you? This inspirational story of a secular man's faith walk is improved by the fact it's wrapped around a heart-warmingly sweet and side-splittingly hilarious love story. The Romantic Comedy outshines the faith walk at times, but isn't our love for each other a gift from the Almighty?


Dicky's a Godless soul and he likes it that way. In the undergound world of The Colony, Dicky eeks out a living by stealing scraps and cheating the automated system. His lifestyle may not be ethical but even a Thief has morals, so when he sees a kid in trouble, instincts propel him into action. The Kid introduces Dicky to a world he never knew existed—and a woman he only imagined in his wildest dreams.

Leah hasn’t got much of a life in The Colony and conformance to the rules has never been her forte—as her family has pointed out every chance they get. Her only escape from the fault-finding has been helping to care for Itzick, the sole surviving son of an elderly couple. Itzick is far more than just the end of a family line. Leah is one of the few who know the Kid's true place in the world of The Colony.

When another cave-in brings the world crashing down and Leah’s own brother disowns her in the middle of the chaos, she finally decides she’s had enough. Better to die free than live enslaved, but she can’t leave without knowing Itzick is safe. The Kid’s been taken in by a Thief, so Leah must enter a world she’d only seen from a distance and, to come out again, not lose her heart to a lost soul named Dicky.

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