Friday, November 30, 2012

Webbiegrrl's 30,000 Hit #Giveaway Has 50 #free #ebooks from over 40 #Authors + Still Counting!

It's been so exciting over the last 24 to 48 hours as I've pulled together this giveaway event using Rafflecopter's great little widget and of course, posting solicitations for submissions far and wide! I feel like such a I take a shower now that I've reached and surpassed the goal of 30 books by Nov. 30th?

Yep, we have 50+ titles from over 40 different authors and I'm still taking submissions (please use the Facebook Event Page to submit a new title now). Readers began entering this morning and can continue to enter -- as often as you like! -- right up until Dec 13th.

Then on Friday, Dec 14, I'll start picking winners and will announce them here on the blog, over on the Event Page and even over on my Webbiegrrl Fan Page. The Rafflecopter widget does the actual picking of a winner's name but I'll pick the prizes they win in the order in which the books are listed on the Giveaways Page here on the blog.

If you want to win a specific book, (a) cross your fingers and pray and (b) post a comment on the Giveaways Page and ask the author of the book to consider gifting you a copy in the spirit of the giveaway. You never know unless you ask, someone might give away an extra copy! I guarantee if you don't speak up, you will not get a copy that way (LOL)

I'll post here with updates as the giveaway progresses, but right now, I need to get my Monday Marketing blog ready and then I'm off to work Day Job No. 1 all weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Webbiegrrl's 30,000th Hit #GIVEAWAY - Indie Authors Enter UR Books Now + kickstart ur seasonal sales

By joining this giveaway, you'll be helping me to deliver more quality products to my readership. I have a milestone coming up: 30,000th hit here on the blog. I'm actually at 28,958 right now this second so I think I might hit the 30,000 mark sooner than expected.

In any case, I'm starting to take entries on November 30th for the 30,000th Hit Giveaway and I'd like to have at least 30 titles to offer my readers. Multiple titles by one author are okay, any author, any genre, any time, so long as you're willing to give it away and it is an eBook (sorry I can't do the paperback thing here on the blog...maybe on Goodreads?)

If you'd like to join in, please let me know. How?
  1. Leave a comment here on this blog post
  2. Leave a comment on the Blog Giveaways Page 
  3. Leave a comment on the Webbiegrrl Writer Facebook Page
  4. Leave a comment on the Facebook Event Page for the Giveaway (This is my preferred method of contact as the Events Page is the core of the event *duh*)
What should you say in your comment? Tell me the title of your book(s), how many copies of each you'd like to donate as prizes and provide the link to the book page (preferably on Smashwords where I can pick up the image and everything else I need). If your book is exclusive to Amazon, you'll have to provide a clean, unbranded image and description of the book but we can do it.

If you know of any authors who could use the exposure to boost or kick off their seasonal sales, please pass this onto them (any of the above links).

Thanks! Hope you'll join in ^)^


WRITERS' WEDNESDAY #WW Next Big Thing Blog Hop #indie #author #ebooks #nextbigthing #bloghop

Welcome to the Next Big Thing blog hop on this fine Writers' Wednesday. I was tapped by Barb at Creative Barb's Wire to join in and I'm tagging a few writerly tweeps at the end of my post. Big thank you to Barb for including me in her list.

The idea of this blog hop is to introduce readers to our own current or upcoming project and then recommend our readers to those Indie Authors whose work we think they might find interesting. The genres all might be different from each other, but I think you'll find the writers I've linked at the bottom of my post to be interesting people.

Click through the jump break to find out what I'm going to work on next!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Join me for the Big Reveal of the Next Big Thing #WW #nextbigthing #bloghop

Sorry, but there is no Tuesday Tip this week. Instead, I'm joining the "Writers' Wednesday" blog hop for the Next Big Thing. Please stop back tomorrow to learn more about my own Next Big Thing and to check out the links to those Indie Authors whose current or upcoming projects I think will be of interest to you.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, November 26, 2012


It's Cyber Monday. Not sure what that means? It's the Monday after "Black Friday" which is the Friday after Thanksgiving, an American Christian holiday held on the 4th Thursday of November. Don't get me started on discussing what, exactly, the date purports to commemorate. I'm too much of an indigenous people's advocate!

Anyway, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. The last few years, the shopping frenzy has begun on Thursday night, around midnight, after everyone's stuffed to the gills with gobble-gobble turkey. Yeah, after "being thankful for all they have" people go out and shop for every little thing they have not. It's a little ironic in my mind but it's an American tradition. Go Capitalism, eh?

Black Friday is a madhouse in the retail world, which is why it's called Black Friday and not Red Friday--businesses are put "into the black" just from this one day's sales! I experience my first-ever Black Friday working in retail this year and OMG, we did 3 times the normal "big day of sales" in just 10 or so hours.

A few years ago, a new trend started: Small Business Saturday, when shoppers were encouraged to support small businesses by shopping with them on Saturday instead of buying everything from large businesses on Black Friday.

Our POTUS, Mr. Obama, went out shopping for books to give as gifts this year and made a point of being photographed and filmed doing so inside a small business bookshop in the D.C. area. I guess he's never going to be above milking the camera for good PR, eh?

After Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, being a Christian country, the majority of Americans stay home on Sunday--I mean, "go to church" (yeah, that's what I meant)--and finally on Monday, when white-collar workers return to work, they get online to buy whatever little thing they might've missed on Friday or Saturday because heaven forbid they not buy every last thing there is to buy.

So we have Cyber Monday, nearly as big for online shopping as Black Friday is for brick-and-mortar shopping. In the Digital Publishing world, of course, Cyber Monday is more important than Black Friday, since our sales are primarily online sales of eBooks. Click through the jump break for tips on how to maximize your own photo opps and good PR--or at least, how to focus your efforts to maximize your Cyber Monday and holiday season sales for 2012.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TUESDAY TIP @ReganBlack Author Interview + #Giveaway Winners Announced #paranormal #romance #ebooks #author #indie

Today's blog is a dedicated feature for Indie Author, Regan Black, who writes Romantic Suspense with paranormal elements as well as YA Fantasy genre books. Check out all of Regan's books here and read my review of Tracking Shadows just published here. Before we do anything else, however, the winners of Regan's  giveaway are as follows:

Grand Prize: Julie Day (wins the set of 5 books -- that is, the first 3 books in the series plus 2 short stories)
1st Runner up: Maria (wins a copy of Tracking Shadows)
2nd Runner up: Sheila Deeth (wins a copy of Tracking Shadows)

Congratulations to all three winners! You should have already gotten a short message from me telling you that Regan will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your books. For those of you who celebrate it :) have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Okay, onward we go. Click through the jump break to learn more about Regan.

Monday, November 19, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Competition in Digital Publishing #indie #marketing #branding #pubtip @ReganBlack #giveaway

Last time we chatted about the "branching" effect of categories, the essence of the 10th Immutable Law of Marketing (for Indie Authors): Law of Division. If left to follow its natural course, a category will eventually divide into subcategories. The driving force behind division is actually competition--that is, healthy competition makes a category ripe to divide whereas lack of competition drives a category to stability and sometimes, worse, diminished activity. Click through the jump break to learn more about competition and categories.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

REVIEW: Tracking Shadows by @ReganBlack #paranormal #romance #ebook #review #indie

Book 4 in the Shadows of Justice series.
Read my interview with the author here.

Genre: Romantic Suspense w/Paranormal Elements
My Usual Genre? Yes on the Romantic Suspense; no on the Paranormal elements but that was just some psychic powers, not weird creatures of the night or demons, so that aspect of the book didn't bug me much.
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars false (4 out of 5 stars)
Why I Read This: Cover caught my eye during a free giveaway (a year ago) from a Twitter contact that I did not (at that time) know very well, so I figured why not? Actually, I solicited her for the name of her cover designer and we ended up chatting ever since. Still took me a year to get to her book. Click through the jump-break to read my review.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still on Hiatus...Back a-Buzzin on November 19, 2012

Just wanted to post a quick note for my regular readers to let you know I'm nearly done moving and have started one of my two jobs (which is crazy-busy this time of year). I'll be back to releasing blogs next week.

On Monday, November 19, 2012 I'll have a new Monday Marketing blog for you; and on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, I've got a fabulous giveaway of books in the SHADOWS OF JUSTICE series by Regan Black.

You'll need to enter the giveaway no later than midnight (ET/USA) Monday night. I'll be announcing the winners on Tuesday's blog (where I'll also feature an interview with Regan and share my review of her book Tracking Shadows (Book 4 of the series). Hope to see you next week!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Nanowrimo 2012 Tips + Tricks #nanowrimo #amwriting #amediting #myWANA #selfpub #indie

Okay, it's that time of year - Nanowrimo - or National Novel Writing Month. The objective is to write 50,000 words (about half of a full-length novel) in one month. Not just any month, however, it has to be November 1-30 which is a fairly busy month (at least for most Americans) because the Christian holiday season gears up towards full-swing. There are only so many tips and tricks one person can give you on how to tackle this challenge, but click through the jump-break to read my take on it for 2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Branding Relies On Divergence - Branching Like Trees #pubtip #indie #selfpub #promo #branding

I'm going to keeping talking about branding because defining a strong brand is the key to creating a position, and a position in the consumer's mind is the key to selling products. It's like a domino effect; if you miss one connection along the way, the process stops. Click through the jump-break to learn how to begin the chain of events.