Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Webbiegrrl's 30,000th Hit #GIVEAWAY - Indie Authors Enter UR Books Now + kickstart ur seasonal sales

By joining this giveaway, you'll be helping me to deliver more quality products to my readership. I have a milestone coming up: 30,000th hit here on the blog. I'm actually at 28,958 right now this second so I think I might hit the 30,000 mark sooner than expected.

In any case, I'm starting to take entries on November 30th for the 30,000th Hit Giveaway and I'd like to have at least 30 titles to offer my readers. Multiple titles by one author are okay, any author, any genre, any time, so long as you're willing to give it away and it is an eBook (sorry I can't do the paperback thing here on the blog...maybe on Goodreads?)

If you'd like to join in, please let me know. How?
  1. Leave a comment here on this blog post
  2. Leave a comment on the Blog Giveaways Page 
  3. Leave a comment on the Webbiegrrl Writer Facebook Page
  4. Leave a comment on the Facebook Event Page for the Giveaway (This is my preferred method of contact as the Events Page is the core of the event *duh*)
What should you say in your comment? Tell me the title of your book(s), how many copies of each you'd like to donate as prizes and provide the link to the book page (preferably on Smashwords where I can pick up the image and everything else I need). If your book is exclusive to Amazon, you'll have to provide a clean, unbranded image and description of the book but we can do it.

If you know of any authors who could use the exposure to boost or kick off their seasonal sales, please pass this onto them (any of the above links).

Thanks! Hope you'll join in ^)^



Andy H said...

hey sarah, i'm in, can supply 2 softcover copies
or MOBI or PDF if you prefer

below is amazon link for all book info, author pic, cover pic, etc. if you think i should send separate cover pics and/or headshot, just let me know

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Andy, soooo glad you're "in" on this! Yay! I'll need to use a clean, unbranded cover image so I'll just point to the one you have on Goodreads and use the Amazon link as the "buy" link.

I prefer eBooks because all I collect from winners is an email address, but I'll provide you with the email address of your winner and you are free to solicit them for a mailing address to which to send a paperback -- or offer them the choice. I'll compose and include a little note about there being an option. Turns out, Rick Chesler asked me precisely the same thing and this is precisely the same answer I gave him. I guess you "Amazon exclusive" guys gotta wonder about covering more bases for non-Kindle users?

No headshots required (LOL) you always crack me up. This is going on the Giveaways Page, you did actually look at that before commenting here, right? :)

The entries start tomorrow, Friday, Nov 30th so that's when I'll start tweeting and I know you already follow @webbiegrrl. Please look for and RT any @mentions of this giveaway even if they don't specifically @mention you. The "power of the collective" is what makes these events so successful.

Thanks so much for donating some of your bestseller prizes, Andy!

suzanne jenkins said...

Dear Sarah,
I'd like to offer copies of my books, Pam of Babylon, Don't You Forget About Me, Dream Lover, Prayers for the Dying, and not yet released Family Dynamics which is due out next week. Also The Greeks of Beaubien Street.

Thank you so much for offering this opportunity. I am on Amazon and can provide you with cover images.

Suzanne Jenkins

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Suzanne,

I sure do hope you ticked the little checkbox to get follow up comments :) I've been replying to everyone on Facebook and didn't even see this comment until now! Sorry!

So, you provided me with no links. I cannot list an eBook without a link :) I prefer to have a link to a Smashwords page where I can get everything I need in one place (cover image, genre, description, formats availability) but if you made your books exclusive to Amazon Kindle, then I sure do hope you put them on Goodreads or somewhere similar. I'll need a clean and unbranded cover image for each book you want to enter -- that is, cover images that do not have Amazon branding slapped all over them.

In addition to clean, unbranded images and the "buy links" I'll need to know how many copies of each book you want to offer. Please make a list of each book like this:

Book Title (# of copies)
link goes here
restrictions that apply (e.g., Kindle only)

Book Title (# of copies)

And if you can post all that to the Event Page on Facebook where everyone else is posting, that'd be TRULY AWESOME!

Thanks for your interest! Hope to include you :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I posted on your FB page for the contest, but I couldn't find the "I'm Going" button. Instead I responded to a post of yours.

Maggie Jaimeson

Luna Nightwyn said...

I can offer up my new book Legend 13: 2012 on Smashwords. And my poem book. Just tell me how many you need.

Charity Parkerson said...

I'll donate 3 e-copies of "The Society of Sinners"

Unknown said...

I can donate 3 copies of Rogue Hunter: Inquest to the giveaway.

Russell Brooks said...

Hello, I'd be happy to give away 5 copies of my two thrillers and short story anthology. If the winners could also post reviews (1 short paragraph would suffice) to Amazon, Barnes, their facebook wall, and Goodreads, that would be great.

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

I'm catching up on comments here - been spending 90% of my time on the Facebook Events Page so BIG THANK YOU to all of you who went on over there to cater to my lazy link collection needs :)

Already added Maggie, Luna and Charity, will add Kevis momentarily (Thanks for the linkiness, Kevis!) and still need deets from Suzanne (REALLY prefer to get it all in one place on the Facebook Events Page but if you comment here with the necessary data, Suzanne, I'll add you! You have until Dec 13th at the latest...prefer not that late (grin)

Russell, I think I saw your post on the Facebook Events Pagee. Thank you for your donation of 10 books but as I said on Facebook, this is a giveaway, not a solicitation for reviews. The readers winning books are expecting to get free prizes with no strings attached. As an Indie Author myself, I do realize how frustrating it is when a reader collects a bunchaton of downloads and never reads them, let alone reviews them, but this is the business you are in.

If you are planning to solicit reviews from your winners, I'm sorry but I cannot accept you into the Giveaway. If you decided to say "yeah, sure" and do it anyway, I shall forewarn your winners to notify me if you do and then well, Karma is a bitch in spiky high heels. I know, we shop in the same store. Don't do it. Either give the books away and TRUST in the Universe to come back to you with good things or just opt out after all. No harm, no foul.

Let me know what you decide, either here or on Facebook is fine.

Russell Brooks said...

No problem. No review necessary.

Suzy Turner said...

Hiya! I know I'm a little late to the party but I'd love to give away a couple of copies of my latest YA Urban Fantasy novel, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw. Here's the Smashwords link:
Suzy Turner

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Suzy Turner, you are not at ALL late to the game! I'll be taking submissions right up through the last few days, I'm sure, because there are a few new releases not coming out until Dec 10-14 time frame and they've already (mentally) reserved a spot here. I prefer not to do the last minute work, though so thank you for submitting your book ASAP.

Your Smashwords page has everything I need but there are a handful of people ahead of you over on the Facebook Events Page, so I'll have to get to them before I add you but you'll be added onto the list on the Giveaways Page sometime today.

If you haven't already, and you have a Facebook account, please come to the Facebook Events Page (and click "going" in the top right corner) and keep an eye out for when/if readers post a preference for your book on the Giveaways Page. Posting such a comment to the blog page is actually a way to enter (a customized one I created on purpose to encourage readers to state a preference :-) and it seems to be working a little)

Thanks for sharing. Be sure to enter yourself - oh, and look for tweets on Twitter advertising it so you can retweet them to add to the power of the collective effort. The more the merrier for everyone in the giveaway.

Enter Now! Enter Often! Enter daily!


Sheenah Freitas said...


I'm the publisher over at Paper Crane Books and I'll be happy to donate copies of our 2012 catalog. Would you prefer I go to your FB Event Page and give you all the info to our titles there?


Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Hi Sheenah, wow, that's an amazing offer! What's up with all these great contributions? I must be doing something really right, huh? Normally I'd say yes, please, because it's so much easier to track comments and conversations on Facebook but with the catalog as a "package," it's probably easier for you and I to have conversations here on the blog comment thread where no one else is really chit-chatting.

I've clicked through the link you provided and have to admit, I'm not sure how you would want to categorize the genres for your books - are they #fantasy or #paranormal or Paranormal (Fantasy) or maybe Urban Fantasy see where I'm going, I hope? They're all similar but authors can get feisty about labels. Myself included.

I think the easiest for me--the most expedient--would be if you posted the 12 links here as follows (forex)

Musings from Yesteryear by Sheenah Freitas (3 copies) GENRE: Fantasy (Anthology)

I'll just drive traffic to your site's book pages since you have multiple buy links on each page already and you have clean, unbranded images there for me to use :) All I really need is a link to the title and a # and genre for each title. I can do the rest from that.

May I use a single Twitter ID for PaperCrane books' promo tweets? Your "recent tweets" is empty on your web site so I have no clue what your Twitter ID is or if you have one. Assuming you have one for the company, please just follow @webbiegrrl with that ID and tell me in an @mention it's you and I'll follow back then use that for the tweets I'm composing.

Thank you so much for the donation of a catalog of books!


Sheenah Freitas said...

Thanks a lot! For some reason the Twitter feed was showing in the beginning and then it just vanished. It's really odd. It'll definitely be easier to use the one Twitter ID (@PaperCraneBooks).

Musings from Yesteryear by Sheenah Freitas (5 copies) GENRE: General fiction (Anthology)
Khantara: Volume 1 by Michelle Franklin (5 copies) GENRE: Fantasy Romance
The Founders (Sage Seed Chronicles #1) by Holly Barbo (5 copies) by Holly Barbo GENRE: Sci-fi/fantasy
Divergent Paths (Sage Seed Chronicles #2) by Holly Barbo (5 copies) by Holly Barbo GENRE: Sci-fi/fantasy
Tales from Frewyn: The Opera by Michelle Franklin (5 copies) GENRE: Fantasy humor
Tales from Frewyn: The Reporter from Marridon by Michelle Franklin (5 copies) GENRE: Fantasy humor
The Chosen (Zincian Legend #1) by Sheenah Freitas (5 copies) GENRE: YA Fantasy
The Number (Zincian Legend #2) by Sheenah Freitas (5 copies) GENRE: YA Fantasy

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thanks Sheenah, this looks great but I just want to confirm that there are only 8 titles in this year's catalog?

I'll be adding these first thing in the morning tomorrow (which for me starts about 4am)

Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Sheenah, your entire catalog has been added now, listed as #74 to #81 on my Giveaways page. Thank you again for such a generous donation. I'll be adding customized tweets calling out @PaperCraneBooks which I'll be scheduling to go over the course of the next week. Please follow @webbiegrrl (I think you already did right?) and look for them to retweet to your prequalified interested audience :)

Thanks again!


Sheenah Freitas said...

Yup, that's technically our entire catalog as of right now. We have a cover and blurb up for one, but we're waiting on final edits from our last editor. And that might not be finished until sometime in January. And I think we have another book listed that actually combines two short stories we published as ebooks into a print edition.

Thanks again. I'll be looking out for the tweets! :)