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TUESDAY TIP Nanowrimo 2012 Tips + Tricks #nanowrimo #amwriting #amediting #myWANA #selfpub #indie

Okay, it's that time of year - Nanowrimo - or National Novel Writing Month. The objective is to write 50,000 words (about half of a full-length novel) in one month. Not just any month, however, it has to be November 1-30 which is a fairly busy month (at least for most Americans) because the Christian holiday season gears up towards full-swing. There are only so many tips and tricks one person can give you on how to tackle this challenge, but click through the jump-break to read my take on it for 2012.

Bottom Line First
I think what it comes down to is either you can churn out 50,000 words in 30 days or you cannot. You need to be honest with yourself about these 30 days, too. If you live in the USA, your month of November is ridden with pitfalls and distractions. The second half of the month is the beginning of the Christian holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving (which comes early this year) on the third Thursday of the month: November 22, 2012. By then, just one week away, you'll need to be less than 10,000 words from your goal. Will you be?

1) Don't stress it. Remember this is supposed to be fun, supposed to help you and supposed to end up in a good place, not a self-loathing destruction that leaves you unable to write anything for the next year.

2) Don't stress it. Yeah, I already said that but it's worth repeating. So many nano'ers just focus on the numbers and forget to just write. Just let go of all the stress and all the demands and all the expections and just...write. Anything. Whatever enters your mind. Do a little freeform association. You can edit it later--after November 30th.

3) If you don't already have a plan, just write without one. Don't stay fixated on getting a plan or creating or sticking to an outline. Today, as you're reading this, we're already a week into the challenge. If you don't start catching up with your word count, you're never going to hit 50,000 by November 30th, and you know what? See #1 and #2 above ^)^

4) If you had something you always wanted to try but never had time to do, just try it now. See what happens. From writing in the first person to trying multiple POV for the first time, Nanowrimo can be a real growth experience for you as a writer--even if you "fail" the challenge. You can get things out of this exercise besides and beyond just churning out 50,000 words, you know?

5) Be a little selfish. I know it feels like you are all the time anyway--writing is a solitary activity and writers are, generally, self-centered (though not necessarily selfish)  people. We have to be. If we aren't centered around ourselves, how can we possibly pour ourselves out into a book? Know thyself is not just a watchword for a writer, it's a necessity. Allow yourself this one month a year to really focus on you.  Who are you? What do you like? Why do you like it? Answer those questions and now you have a main character with traits and motivations just waiting for a plot in a setting :) It's really THAT easy!

I think those 5 tips are the best advise I can give you right now. I did have a lot more ideas last year and you can read my Nanowrimo 2011 tips to see some of them now but I strongly urge you to stop reading and get writing!

Good luck (and may the odds be ever in your favor *haha* nonowrimo, DO NOT write another Hunger Games lookalike!!)


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