Saturday, January 26, 2013

Webbiegrrl Blog Closed for 2 wks - Reopening Feb 11th

Update: Feb. 1, 2013: I've been home sick all week. I guess the 7-day-a-week pace burned me out after a mere 2 weeks *eep* I'll be back to regular blogging on Monday, February 11, 2013 but to tide you over, given this is SuperBowl Sunday weekend and you know that although I loathe sports, I loooooove SuperBowl ads, check out this review/discussion and slideshow from HuffPo. WELL worth clicking through.

I watched all 34 clips. As always, Doritos has the most entertaining and memorable ads. Also most-readily "relevant." Most of the ads taht were cute had nothing to do with the products. Sadly, the product is making the ad famous instead of the other way around (which I've discussed in my recent PR vs. advertising blog).

I'm not sure what the auto industry ad-makers are thinking these days but the car ads get further and further from having anything at all to do with cars. It's sad. The worst offender was the new VW ad which mixes and mashups the Rastafan Bob Marleyisms with (*choke*) The Partridge Family's song (C'mon Get Happy). Talk about getting it wrong!

Another ad that just got it wrong was the new Pepsi Next ad but Pepsi bought the halftime show for Beyonce so I suppose we shall see how much ROI they really get. I'm not, personally, a fan of Beyonce, but she's a fairly huge name and should blind plenty of fans to the idiocy of the Pepsi ads.

The only one worse than all of those was the direction of miO's new spokesperson: They chose one of the world's most offensive people who is not actually funny enough to make up for the offensiveness. He does have a role on a popular TV show, though, so I guess popular humor is on the offense now? Bummer, I had had high hops for the future of miO, the water additive for sports enthusiasts. They really wasted their Game Day dollars by going for offensive humor instead of say, the way Gatorade launched the "Is it in you?" campaign with theirs (years ago and still a strong branding campaign!)

I'm not going to bother recording the game this year to watch the ads afterwards. I'll catch the playlists on YouTube or AdAge and not waste the DVR space. Looking forward to the Twitter action though. I'll be in bed, phone a buzzin' ^)^ Where will you be on Game Day?

See you back here Feb. 11th, assuming I recover from this flu bug *cough cough*


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