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I've been working on the first book of the Banbha Series, my upcoming Romantic Suspense series of books and have selected the "event" that will drive behind the romantic plot. I plan to include this "Disclaimer" which will give you an idea about the events and idea of the book. What do you think? I want to hear what my readers think, so please tweet me or post to the Facebook Page.

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Disclaimer for Banbha
Book 1 of the Romantic Suspense Series
(c) Copyright 2014 Sarah R. Yoffa. All rights reserved.

Some of the events described in this story are based on fact; however, the manner in which events actually occurred or the people actually involved may have been
dramatized by the Author for artistic purposes. Most of the characters
mentioned are pure figments of the Author’s imagination and do not exist in
real life, nor are they based on any real persons to the best of the Author’s
knowledge and belief.

The real events and individuals publicly acknowledged to have participated in them are delineated below. The Author does not intend to represent or imply personal
knowledge of motivations or decision-making rationale for any of the real-life
people or events listed. The story in this book is a fictional idea set against
a backdrop of reality based on generally-accepted documentation made publicly
available at the time this story’s writing. Any mistakes in accuracy or factual
reports are entirely the Author’s doing and it’s just too bad if you don’t like
the mistakes because once you read this story, the Author might just have to
kill you!

1) FACT: There was a period of civil unrest in the Balkans during the spring and summer of 2001 often referred to as “The Kosovo War.” FACT: One of the many incidents of the Kosovo War was the Battle of Aračinovo, which occurred in June of 2001. It was a battle carried out on Macedonian soil in which Macedonian civilians were caught in the crossfire, between NATO forces and Albanian insurgents.

2) FACT: The Rt. Hon. Lord George Robertson was the Secretary-General of NATO at the time of the Battle of Aračinovo and he did, in fact, urge the Macedonian government to refrain from defending itself against the attacks.

3) FACT: Glenn Nye, who was a U.S. Representative (D) for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District from 2009 to 2011 was, in fact a new foreign service employee in 2001 and was stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia. Nye was personally involved in the evacuation of the embassy and then stayed behind in order to facilitate the rescue of 26 American private military contractors being held by the Albanians. FACT: For these actions, Nye later received the State Department’s Superior Honor Award for his valorious acts.

4) FACT: The American private military personnel (mercenaries) rescued by Nye were employed by a company then called Military Professional Resources, Inc. or MPRI (now a subsidiary of L-3 Communications Corporation). FACT: That company had
just ended a contract in March of 2001 in Colombia related to the
then-so-called “War on Drugs” and moved into Macedonia.

It is still unclear today if the MPRI personnel were sent in to aid the Albanian insurgency
or battle against it—or a little of both. All that is known for a FACT is that
MPRI went in with the knowledge and approval (funding) of the United States
government…so plausible deniability didn’t exist but the mercs did. It is also
unclear if these 26 men were held hostage behind enemy lines or were simply
overcome by events as the “battle lines” moved quickly past their position.
FACT: It is known that the Albanian insurgents took the passports of these
Americans as a means of identifying them for ransom back to the American

There is no official record of precisely what happened to the 26 MPRI personnel, before, during or after the “rescue.” There are a lot of conspiracy theorists reporting about
this incident
and other instances involving MPRI. The idea that the United States hired Israeli-based mercenaries to facilitate the rescue or that the NATO
Secretary-General had any knowledge of or part in the planning of any such
extraction effort is NOT a fact and is a figment of the Author’s imagination.
That’s not to say it didn’t happen or that there aren’t secret documents
somewhere in a deep, dark underground facility proving the story true…but you didn’t
hear that from me. I never said it. I wasn’t here. And like I said at the start,
if you knew the truth, I’d just have to kill you.

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