Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TUESDAY TIP #Facebook Groups a la #Timeline

If you're on Facebook--and who isn't these days?--then in the early months of 2012 you've probably seen your profile altered, with or without your consent. If you're a member of any groups on Facebook, you may have also noticed them changing like your new Timeline-enhanced profile. Click through to read more.

Monday, February 27, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Positioning 2-The Prospect's Mind #pubtip #marketing #indie

If you're just joining in, I'm running a new Monday Marketing series on the topic of Positioning, an idea coined and made famous decades ago by Al Ries and Jack Trout, the guys who wrote the book and coined the phrase Perception is everything. Despite being far from new, this idea is still much misunderstood--or worse, unknown. Positioning is the key concept behind several of the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, which I adapted to Indie Publishing here, in my previous marketing series.

In the first entry of this new series, I introduced the concept of how the prospective customer (prospect) will filter information, the so-called "over-simplified mind." Review that discussion here. As Ries and Trout said 30 years ago, The medium may not be the message but it does affect how--or even if--the message is delivered. The medium will filter our messages, whether we like it or not.

Remember, you don't control the bookstore or the page on which your book is sold at the bookstore (see last Tuesday's Tip). You don't control what others say, whether professional reviewers or paid reviewers or even paying customers (again, see last Tuesday's Tip). What you want to control is one word in the prospect's mind. That's it.

Today, we'll discuss how to compensate for the filtering of the medium and reach the mind of the prospect. Click through the jump break to begin.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

#SampleSunday Sexy #SciFi Snippet #ConditionedResponse #SciFiSaturday

My alter ego, Marjorie "Friday" Baldwin's, SciFi Thriller, Conditioned Response, isn't really a Romantic SF novel but there is a lot of sexual tension and there is a little bit of sex - and it is all critical to the plot. In fact, it's kind of the point to the climax of the plot (no pun intended). That's why I thought today's sample snippet  from Conditioned Response might interest fans of Webbiegrrl's Romantic Suspense. A word of caution, however.


If you plan to read Conditioned Response and don't want to know how the story turns out, do not click through the jump break. Okay, you've been warned.

Background on the Story to Understand the Snippet
There's very little background you really need to have to understand this snippet. First, the term "Adjustment" refers to a process whereby someone's mind (memory, thoughts, feelings) is altered by artificial means. False thoughts can be planted, real memories erased. Adjustments are a legal means of controlling the "slave class" (Proctors) but are used illegally by some of the ruling class (Councillors).

The Proctors, themselves, are turned into political weapons, things through which one Councillor might sabotage or at least spy on another Councillor's activities.

Raif is a Proctor for the one and only Phoenician Councillor, Shayla. Raif has been illegally Adjusted by at least two of her political enemies. Just prior to this scene, she has just Adjusted him again in an attempt to undo the damage, which was causing him to have memory loss, false memories and bizarre thoughts.

They have been been together 13 years, a situation that was directed by the Seven Chiefs (Phoenician leaders). Raif fears retribution from the Seven Chiefs more than from Shayla's political enemies on the World Council. Shayla doesn't fear anyone anymore. She's fed up with them all and just wants to run away someplace with Raif where no one can find them.

They have never once in 13 years spoken of their feelings (due to the 11 yr age difference). She discovered his feelings for her when she went into his mind to do the Adjustment but she also discovered that Councillor Kindi had planted false feelings in Raif's mind, trying to force him to make a move on her, so now she doesn't know what to believe anymore.

Shayla has a neural transmitter implanted in her left wrist/hand. It allows her to communicate with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) she has designed and built and named Charlie. All of their silent communication is shown as (parenthetical dialog like this).

Click through the jump-break if you want to read the spoiler-filled snippet. Leave now, while you still can, if you want the full impact of this scene in the context of the completed book. It is designed to bring a tear to your eye if you're fully-invested into the characters. Alone, out of context, I doubt it will but it might intrigue you enough to read the whole book - coming soon! ^_^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Reviews - Love 'Em or Leave 'Em? #pubtip #selfpub #AmazonReviews @TweetTheBook @PWreviews @ALA_Booklist @Booklist_Bill @LJReveiws

Reviews. The bane of an Indie Author's existence in the eBook market. There are many facets to this subject which I could discuss but today's tip will touch on only one: how seriously to take reviews, given that the only thing out there which we can control is ourselves.  Click through the jump-break to read on.

Monday, February 20, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING Positioning Starts Here! #pubtip #indie #marketing #selfpub @TweetTheBook

One of the recurring themes throughout my discussions on marketing is the need to apply and reapply the Law of the Mind (Law 3) and the Law of Focus (Law 5). Collectively, these are called positioning tactics. This concept of positioning is something Ries and Trout coined and defined in the early 1980s. It is the concept of marketing that gave rise to the saying Perception is everything and it couldn't be more relevant than it is to Indie Publishers.

Because it's so fundamental to success in our business, I'm going to start a new series focused on Positioning. Click through the jump break to start learning more about it now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TUESDAY TIP Facebook Engagement - Do's + Don'ts @mashable @socialmedia2day @AskYTM #Hootsuite @Hootsuite

I've been wanting to blog some tips on how to use Facebook, probably not as extensively as I've blogged about Twitter but with FB undergoing constant change the last 6 months, it's been hard to catch up to this moving target.

Then I saw an interesting article on the Social Media Today site mistakenly titled "5 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement" and I became committed to correcting some of Mac's misstatements. I say he mistitled his article and made misstatements because the article touched on so many salient points--then twisted them around. Mac didn't offer ways to increase engagement so much as he spent more time telling you what not to do.

In addition, although I was interested enough to keep reading, I kept waiting for what was exclusive to Facebook, but nothing was, except for the concept of "liking" (which he didn't exactly discuss as a method of engagement despite its being FB's #1 original feature, like hashtags are to Twitter). Basically, I had a bad motivation so it's probably a good thing I didn't get to respond until now. I have to acknowledge Mac managed to inspire me off my duff (Thanks Mac!) but the FB target's still moving.

After a couple of weeks of trying to get this Tuesday Tips blog on Facebook slotted into the blog schedule, I've come across several additional sources of tips for engagement. Between Mashable's never-ending stream of great data on social media trends, and a variety of studies that've been released to report on the Facebook Timeline nightmare, I probably have 5 blogs worth of data backed up now.

As a result, today's blog is about far more than merely "Facebook tips" but also addresses general social media engagement approaches to capture the interest and interactivity of your prospective customers. Click through the jump break to see what tips I've compiled so far. I'll have more "Facebook tips" on my Tuesday blogs coming soon. Due to jury duty next week, however, the blog will be shut down again until Monday, Feb. 20, 2012.

Monday, February 6, 2012

MONDAY MARKETING #SuperBowl Spectacle Debunked (Webbiegrrl Style)

So first off, let me say, I hate sports. All spectator sports. I like to participate in some individual competitive sports (almost any outdoor sports, liking hiking, rock climbing, swimming, etc.) and I love to watch the Olympics to see true athletes competing to prove that a human can excel beyond the normal bounds of physical durress to accomplish great feats of fitness. I find the Olympics inspiring, while I find commercialized spectator sports like American football, offensive--especially the "pro" leagues. Why? Because it is so much more about the money than it is about the sport.

If you're a sports fan, you probably don't want to read today's Monday Marketing blog. I won't say anything you'll like and might offend your sensibilities but sorry, the billion (or is it trillion) dollar spectator industries known as "pro sports" offend my sensibilities in the extreme. And yet, I follow the money. I am not ignorant, just offended by the truth of how we Americans choose to spend money--or NOT spend it. Click through the jump-break but hold onto your conscience. You're going to need it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's SciFiSaturday - r u #reading #ConditionedResponse, the #SciFi #Thriller to remember?

There's another snippet posted over at the Phoenician Series Blog. If you haven't been reading along, this is the week to start catching up! The edits are going well (albeit slowly) so the book'll be released before you know it!