Positioning (for Indie Authors)

Welcome to the new Monday Marketing series on the topic of Positioning for Indie Authors, based on the book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind made famous decades ago by Al Ries and Jack Trout. These are the guys who wrote the book. They also coined the phrase Perception is everything and that's the crux of positioning.

Entries in this series will be added to the list below and ultimately, as I'm doing with the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (For Indie Authors) series, when I finish the blog series, I'll edit the entries and make them available for purchase as a single-downloadable eBook.

Positioning for Indie Authors

1) Positioning Starts Here
Learn how the prospective customer will filter information using their so-called "over-simplified mind."

2) Perception is Everything
Learn how perception and product sales are related.

3) Filtering Perception to Climb Ladders
Learn how to filter the prospect's perception of your message so as to climb their product ladders.

4) Establishing Leadership
Learn how to establish leadership by finding (or creating) a niche market--and then claiming it as your own.

5) Not All Creneaus Are Created Equal
Learn about the different types of Creneaus (holes or unmet needs in the market) and which of these niches you'll want to claim as your own and fill.

6) Reposition the Competition
Learn how much difference a name can make and how to exploit the power of a new name for a new product (or line of products--such as, a series or genre)

7) Choosing a Name with Meaning Not Diluting Your Meaning with Your Name
Learn how choosing the right name--and using your publicity opportunities wisely--can make or break you.

8) One Word Can Say It All
Learn how to make sure the word you choose says the message you wanted to send--because it will say something, guaranteed. Choose your own word for your own position.

9) Positioning Yourself: You, The Real Thing
Learn how your choices will impact your business. Put a little context into the branding discussion and choose to be your own Real Thing, not a knockoff imitation. What's the #3 cola's slogan? Be a Pepper. In Positioning for Indie Authors, it's Be an Original.

10) The Neverending Story of You, The Indie Author
Learn how to bring all of the pieces together--and get a laundry list of what you'll need to have to successfully position Yourself, the Indie Author, as the Company you want to keep.