Shelfari Book Extras

This is a quick little mini-series I did for a few weeks of my Tuesday Tips blog. I don't go into depth, I don't cover every last field but I'll get you started and I'll show you how Amazon's Shelfari Book Extras can help enhance and augment your Kindle Book. It's up to you to engage your reader community to contribute Book Extras to your Kindle Book - how to do that is another discussion for another day.

1) Getting Started with Shelfari Book Extras
Setting up your Amazon Author Account and linking it to your Shelfari Author Account (which you'll need to have to manage your Book Extras properly)

2) Adding or Modifying a Description
This is a basic outline, replete with screen shots, of the steps required to add or modify any of the Book Extra fields but specifically shows the description field of my own book on Shelfari.

3) Adding a Cast of Characters
Shows how to add characters to your book's data using my book, Coming Home (Dicky's Story) as an example. Then I compared it to my book at the Amazon Kindle Store.

4) Other, Optional Book Extras
Discusses how libraries across the USA might use this data and why it's important to enter it, if you can.

5) Categories and Tags
Shelfari Book Extras seem to work for some features but not all. It's still useful to fill in as much as you can, and I show you where to access these two powerful Amazon marketing tools from the Shelfari site.

That's it! Again, this is not a comprehensive tutorial or even a complete fly-through Amazon's Shelfari site. This is just a quick look at some of the most-useful Book Extras Amazon offers through their Shelfari company.