Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Closed

To all my regular readers, thank you for your ongoing support. As you may have heard, I'll be closing the blog for a while--maybe indefinitely.

Because some jerk has been spamming me while the blog's been closed, until future notice, new comments are moderated or not allowed.

I am not conducting any other Author Features at this time.

I am not accepting any additional books for review at this time.
(NOTE: I have a 2-year backlog of books so if you submitted a book to me while the blog was open, I do actually have it in the queue...it just might be a while. I was just reading a book I got in 2012 this past month. Please be patient)

I am interested in taking on freelance work doing the following:
  • content editing or developmental (helping you develop the pacing, plotting and characters of your Indie book)
  • line editing aka copyediting or my favorite "wordsmithing" (polishing the edges off your work line by line--hence line editing--without making any substantive changes to the story, itself) This is the single-most common thing new authors do, themselves, when they think they are "editing."
  • proofreading (correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar or obvious typos using the wrong words--e.g., "one" for "won" or "their" for "there")
  • interior book formatting (either eBook or print formatting - pricing varies depending on media and book length, as well as being higher when graphics, tables and charts are involved)
  • cover art graphics (simple, no illustrations - also reformatting of existing/legacy JPG files for the new "hi-res" rules that came out in 2012)
If you'd like to hire me, please query me wtih a blurb about your work and what your needs are, as well as the schedule you need to meet. I'll reply to your query within three (3) days from the date of receipt. If you have a sample of the work online, please feel free to link to it BUT Please do not attach any files to your query or I'll assume you are a spammer and mark your email address accordingly (so I'll never have to see another message from that address). Sorry but that's what the world has come to these days. Spammers abound.

Thanks for stopping by!