Twitter Series

Twitter: Basics to Buzzin'

Entirely by accident, I started writing a series of Tuesday Tips on the topic of Twitter. I've run through how to use some basic tools, discussed a bit of the philosophy for approaching the media and gone through a little social networking netiquette lesson for authors who are more accustomed to phones and facetime (not the iPhone app, actual facetime, as in face-to-face meetings).

I'll end the series with more a sophisticated level of twitter account management and advanced-level tools but I figured it was time to admit this is a series and make a page for collecting the posts together in a cohesive fashion.

Please note that none of the posts in this series will discuss any specific activity, process or "magic bullet" for increasing the number of your Twitter followers. I'm not advising anyone on how to "make money fast!" or "get more twitter followers in 3 easy steps!" Nope, just trying to help you learn how to use Twitter more effectively (and maybe more efficiently, as well) so you can enjoy it more than working at it.

I'll add to the list if and as the Tuesday Tips cover more Twips ^_^ That's Twitter Tips, not to be confused with Tweeps (Twitter peeps).

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    Dave Lynch, freelance writer said...

    I am so hopeless at Twitter but want to learn so I can get at least competent - this post is awesome!!! Thank you :-)

    Webbiegrrl Writer said...

    You're welcome, David. I hope you enjoy. I do plan (eventually) to assemble all these posts into an eBook, like I did with my marketing handbook, but for now, the blog is here to help you! I'm not producing new content for a little while but there's a year's worth of my progression in this Twitter series. Enjoy!